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Cheap Hotels Hub Celebrates Sales Milestone Mere Months After Launch

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Six months after Dmitrii Selikhov and Oleksandr Tserkovnyi launched their artificial intelligence-powered booking platform, Cheap Hotels Hub has surpassed 20,000 sales. The company's site allows travelers to discover and book accommodations that exactly match their preferences at lower prices than anywhere else.

The founders of Cheap Hotels Hub (CHH) dove headfirst into the competitive industry of budget hotel bookings with their revolutionary AI-powered booking search engine. In the company’s first six months, it reached a substantial milestone—20,000 sales. 

The implementation of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics has created a powerful search engine that helps users find amazingly cheap online travel bookings that match their exact preferences and needs.

"CHH integrates advanced algorithms and uses cutting-edge technologies such as AI, cloud computing, and neural networks to ensure that our users would be able to find the perfect balance between price and quality when booking accommodations online," said CHH's founders. "In addition, maximum page loading speed and a mobile-friendly interface are designed to save time and increase user satisfaction."

Dmitrii Selikhov and Oleksandr Tserkovnyi co-founded Cheap Hotels Hub in 2023, shortly after the end of the COVID-19 lockdowns around the world. They wanted to see how technology could improve the travel booking industry, and the results have been nothing short of groundbreaking. Already established booking platforms have limited ability to synchronously update pricing information for millions of accommodations worldwide, resulting in higher prices to account for fluctuations and negatively impacting the user. CHH doesn't have this problem, as its AI-powered engine can meticulously sift through all data providers and direct hotel integrations at incredible speeds to secure the best deal for CHH's users.

CHH offers a worldwide best-price guarantee, quick and easy booking, and round-the-clock customer care. As travel issues don’t always happen during business hours, the CHH customer service department is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Introducing cutting-edge technologies: AI, predictive algorithms, and more

The key to CHH’s success is its AI-powered booking search engine. From predictive analytics monitoring room demand to personalized guest recommendations and tracking ever-changing prices, AI algorithms power all vital functions of the booking platform. Cheap Hotels Hub implements advanced automated algorithms—ensuring that the software performs optimally and with superior quality in even the most complex scenarios.

For seamless data management, cloud computing ensures that guest information is secure from the moment it's entered. The serverless architecture enables automatic scaling and efficient resource utilization. 

“Our commitment to quality and convenience makes us constantly look for ways to improve our customers' travel experience,” CHH representatives said. 

Partnering with Some of the World’s Most Recognizable Companies

CHH set out to establish itself as an authority in the field of online travel booking and has made rapid progress towards this goal. The company officially partners with Google AI Startups, Amazon AI Startups, and Google Hotels as well as with various hotel data providers to ensure global hotel coverage. These partnerships stand as a testament to Cheap Hotel Hub’s growing role in the booking industry and help assure customers they will have a secure and efficient experience when dealing with the company. 

Fast and Efficient Management of User Feedback

As Cheap Hotels Hub prioritizes user comfort, the CHH’s customer service department always responds to user requests and feedback as quickly as possible. Any problems with check-in or confirmation with the hotel are resolved within a few hours. If adjustments are needed, CHH proactively offers the client an alternative selection in the same location and price range. Whether travelers are booking accommodations for their dream vacation or visiting for work, staying overnight, or for multiple weeks, CHH has the tools to ensure that their plans come to fruition exactly as intended.

The Future of Hospitality

CHH remains at the forefront when it comes to integrating innovative solutions into everyday practices. A stay booked through CHH becomes more than a mere accommodation. With services like smart room controls, virtual concierge, and interactive guest interfaces, traveling with CHH is an immersive journey into the possibilities of tomorrow. With connections to hotels in 251 countries worldwide, Cheap Hotels Hub does exactly as the name suggests—connects travelers with incredible deals at countless hotels. 

“Whether you're seeking a luxurious getaway, a cozy retreat, or a business-friendly stay, our user-friendly interface and extensive selection ensure you find the perfect match,” CHH founders said.


Visit the Cheap Hotels Hub website to learn more about the company's AI-powered booking search engine or find accommodations online with the best price. Reach out on Facebook or Instagram to connect with the brand on social media. 

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