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Berthold Technologies Revolutionises DNA Quantification with Advanced Instrumentation

By: Prodigy
04/28/2024, Bad Wildbad // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

Bad Wildbad, Germany - Berthold Technologies, a leading manufacturer of precision measurement instruments, is proud to announce a new suite of solutions designed to revolutionise the field of DNA quantification. With over 70 years of innovation rooted in the Black Forest tradition, Berthold continues to push the boundaries of technology to improve health, safety and manufacturing processes around the world.

As the science of genetic analysis advances, the need for accurate and efficient DNA quantification or DNA concentration methods has increased. Berthold Technologies responds to this need with a comprehensive range of instruments designed to meet the diverse needs of modern laboratories. From compact microvolume spectrophotometers to versatile multimode microplate readers, Berthold offers state-of-the-art solutions that ensure accurate DNA concentration measurements.

Precision tools for every lab

Berthold's state-of-the-art product line includes microvolume spectrophotometers and absorbance microplate readers, each designed to meet specific research and clinical needs:

- Microvolume Spectrophotometers: Once limited to bulky cell spectrophotometers requiring large sample volumes, DNA quantification can now be performed with as little as 1 µL of sample thanks to Berthold's microvolume spectrophotometers. This breakthrough technology not only conserves valuable samples, but also simplifies the measurement process, making it ideal for high-throughput environments where speed and accuracy are paramount.

- Absorbance microplate readers: For laboratories dealing with large sample volumes, Berthold's absorbance microplate readers offer an efficient solution. Capable of reading standard 96-, 384- and even 1536-well plates, these readers significantly reduce processing time without sacrificing accuracy. Special UV-transparent microplates are available to meet the unique requirements of DNA quantification, ensuring accurate and consistent results.

Innovative microplate technology

In response to the challenges posed by traditional methods, Berthold has developed the µDrop plate, a microvolume microplate that uses only 2 µL of sample and provides a fixed pathlength for straightforward calculations. This innovation allows rapid quantification of DNA from fewer samples, bridging the gap between high throughput and minimal sample volume.

Choosing the right method: Absorbance or Fluorescence?

Berthold Technologies also offers guidance on selecting the optimal method for DNA quantification. While UV spectrophotometry is suitable for general applications, fluorescence measurement offers higher sensitivity and is preferred when dealing with very low DNA concentrations. The Berthold range includes both types of instrument, ensuring that every laboratory can find the right tool for its specific needs.

Fluorescence readers for increased sensitivity

For maximum sensitivity and specificity, Berthold recommends its fluorescence readers. These instruments are essential for applications where precision is critical, such as clinical diagnostics and detailed genetic research. Berthold's fluorescence microplate readers combine the convenience of high throughput screening with the accuracy required for sensitive measurements.

About Berthold Technologies

Established in 1949 in Bad Wildbad, Germany, Berthold Technologies has become a worldwide leader in technology. This family-owned company has been pioneering advanced measuring solutions for over 70 years, enhancing health, safety, and manufacturing efficiency. Berthold is steeped in the Black Forest tradition of innovation, continuously advancing research and technology to provide exceptional products and services.

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