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DeLafée announces expanded range of premium gold leaf products for artisans and designers

By: Prodigy
04/28/2024, Neuchâtel // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

Neuchâtel, Switzerland - DeLafée International SARL, a leader in the art of gold leaf craftsmanship, is proud to announce the expansion of its gold leaf product line, offering an even greater variety to artisans, designers and gilding enthusiasts worldwide. This expansion includes the introduction of innovative gold leaf types and increased customisation options to meet the growing demand for high quality gilding materials.

A symbol of luxury and refinement, gold leaf has been used for thousands of years to decorate everything from ancient artefacts to modern fashion accessories. At the heart of DeLafée's expanded product line are its premium, German-made gold leaves, available in 32 distinctive varieties. Each type of gold leaf offers unique qualities and applications, ranging from classic 24-carat gold leaf to specialty products such as rose gold leaf and platinum gold leaf, ensuring options for every project and artistic vision.

"Our mission at DeLafée is to combine the rich traditions of gilding with contemporary innovation," said Sebastien Jeanneret, CEO of DeLafée International SARL. "The expansion of our gold leaf products represents our commitment to providing our customers with the finest materials that not only meet, but exceed their gilding needs."

DeLafée's gold leaves are renowned for their superior quality and are produced in collaboration with Noris, a traditional German company revered for its rigorous standards in gold leaf production. The standard weight of these leaves ranges from 16 to 18 grams per 1,000 leaves, available in sizes from 40 x 40 mm to 110 x 110 mm. This precision ensures both exquisite detail and durability in application, making them ideal for a variety of gilding projects including frames, sculptures and architectural elements.

In addition to traditional applications, DeLafée is pioneering the use of gold leaf in new areas such as gastronomy and interior design. DeLafée's edible gold and silver products have become particularly popular in luxury restaurants, offering a unique way to enhance the presentation and enjoyment of fine food. Meanwhile, the company's bespoke gold leaf interior designs add a touch of elegance and warmth to any residential or commercial space.

DeLafée also supports artists and designers through a collaborative online gallery showcasing the creative uses of its gold leaf. This platform not only highlights the diverse applications of gold leaf, but also fosters a community of creativity and innovation among users.

Recognising the specific needs of different customers, DeLafée offers personalised services to individuals and corporate clients. These bespoke creations range from customised corporate gifts to personal art projects, all incorporating the timeless beauty of gold.

To accommodate larger orders and make its products more accessible, DeLafée offers significant discounts on purchases of 250 leaves or more, with reductions of up to 45% depending on the type of gold leaf and current gold prices. This policy underlines the company's commitment to supporting large-scale artistic and design projects by making high quality gold leaf more affordable.

For more information about DeLafée’s gold leaf products, or to request a detailed PDF catalogue, please contact DeLafée at or visit

Contact Information:

DeLafée International SARL
Post office box 2145
2001 Neuchâtel

Phone: +41 - 32 - 724 4860


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