‘Tech Queen’ Duana Malone Inspires the World with a Story of Tech, Faith and Perseverance against All Odds

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Las Vegas, NV – May 9, 2018 – Duana Malone, who has just won the ‘2018 Technology Woman of the Year Award’, is the real ‘Tech Queen’. Her tech skills, fortified with faith, have made her a caring, responsible and influential leader in the world today. This is her story.

Recommended by her Pastor and his wife for a scholarship to join a summer computer camp, Duana learned to code in a variety of programming languages, and went on to major in computer information systems in high school and college. She worked for private, public and government sectors, and finally settled down to start her own website design business in 1998, called Smart Multimedia. After facing interruptions in her personal life, she changed her business model and transformed the company into a new entity, the Tech Queen Systems, in 2014.

The personal interruption came in 2009 in the form of her husband being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Duana had to play the role of a caregiver, and decided to continue providing training, consulting and mobile system automation through her new company identity. She learned to use mobile automation to carry out tasks such as scheduling business meetings, doctor appointments, and tracking medications and injections. Another big role was soon to arrive for Duana, when her mother, who had just lost her husband, moved in to stay with her. Duana’s mother suffered from multiple sclerosis as well as chronic kidney failure at stage 4.

Another story worth telling relates to how a new dimension to Duana’s story was added when she ultimately discovered her long lost uncle (mother’s brother) after a hectic period of research and exploration.

Duana’s mother was separated from her brother in 1952 while he was only 2 months old. This tragic event unfolded when Duana’s grandmother did not return home after leaving for an interview. The family comprises six children, and five of them, including Duana’s mother, were sent to foster homes. The baby uncle was put up for adoption, and while the other five siblings remained in touch, the baby could not be traced.

Duana searched in vain all over the internet, but how does one search and find someone on the internet whose name is not known?

I asked myself “How can I look for someone on the internet whose name I do not know?” The court records were sealed and required that we included a court file number on any petitions filed.  Well, since my mom was only 7 years old at the time that her siblings were all separate, and my since my grandparents were both deceased, this mission seemed impossible,” says Duana.

A breakthrough finally came when the court clerk, feeling the gravity of the situation, searched and located the court records for the adoption case. Duana’s mother’s birth certificate was now available along with all necessary documents to prove the relationship. Duana managed to get the court’s file number from the clerk and petitioned the court to assign a Confidential Intermediary to locate her uncle.  

The court proceedings yielded positive results. Duana’s uncle did not know that he had biological siblings. He had thus never initiated a search to locate his real family. Duana finally received the phone call on January 2, 2018, and flew to Michigan to meet her uncle Gary, who happened to be living in a homeless shelter. Duana took him to meet her mother, whom Gary had not seen in 65 years. Realizing Gary’s talent in music and technology, Duana is supporting his transition back to society while he stays with her.

Duana’s biological father (who divorced when she was only two) is also with her today, and requires peritoneal dialysis at home. It is Duana’s skills in technology and her faith in God and the Bible as her truth that enables her to take good care of all of her loved ones who now stay with her.

Apart from personal responsibilities, she also works professional in varying capacities. Duana is the Executive Director of Global Operations for B.O.S.S. The Movement which has affiliate locations in many nations including Perth Australia, Ghana, Africa, the Caribbeans, and London, England. She continues serving as the CEO of Tech Queen Systems LLC, and as the CTO of Aldelano Corporation. Duana is also active on several local and national boards

Duana sums up her secret of taking up numerous responsibilities successfully and looking after her career with a quote from Philippians: “I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.”

Duana Malone’s full personal journey and bio can be read at: http://thetechqueen.com/story  

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