Filed Pursuant to Rule 424(b)(3)
                                                Registration No. 333-59798

                               CEL-SCI CORPORATION

                              Prospectus Supplement
                       (To Prospectus Dated May 24, 2002)

      Prospective investors should read this prospectus supplement and the
related prospectus carefully before investing in CEL-SCI's common stock. Both
documents contain information prospective investors should consider when making
an investment decision.

      The attached prospectus relates to the resale of shares acquired by Paul
Revere Capital Partners, Ltd. pursuant to an equity line of credit. Because Paul
Revere Capital Partners may sell some or all of these shares, and since there
are currently no agreements, arrangements or understandings with respect to the
sale of any of these shares, CEL-SCI cannot estimate the actual number of shares
that Paul Revere Capital Partners will hold after the completion of the

      The following provides information concerning the latest drawdown
requested by CEL-SCI.

  Date of          Shares           Average Sale        Net Proceeds
   Sale             Sold           Price Per Share      to CEL-SCI
-----------       -------          ---------------      -----------

 01/15/03         330,162              $0.19            $  60,364

      The proceeds to CEL-SCI are net of a $1,000 fee paid to an escrow agent.

      CEL-SCI's common stock is quoted on the American Stock Exchange under the
symbol "CVM". On January 16, 2003 the closing price for one share of CEL-SCI's
common stock was $0.19.

      CEL-SCI expects to use the proceeds from the sale of these shares for
general and administrative expenses, research and clinical trials.

            The date of this prospectus supplement is January 17, 2003.