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SEC 2334 (9-05)

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  Item 1. Financial Statements


  Item 2. Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition


  Item 3. Control and Procedures



  Item 1. Legal Proceedings


  Item 2. Changes in Securities


  Item 3. Defaults Upon Senior Securities


  Item 4. Submission of Matters to a Vote of Security Holders


  Item 5. Other Information


  Item 6. Exhibits






Item 1. Financial Information


The accompanying reviewed financial statements are presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles for interim financial information and the instructions to Form 10-QSB and Item 310 under subpart A of Regulation S-B.  Accordingly, they do not include all of the information and footnotes required by generally accepted accounting principles for complete financial statements.  In the opinion of management, all adjustments (consisting only of normal occurring accruals) considered necessary in order to make the financial statements not misleading, have been included. Operating results for the three months ended January 31, 2006 are not necessarily indicative of results that may be expected for the year ending October 31, 2006. The financial statements are presented on the accrual basis.


                                  MODENA 3, INC.

                           (A DEVELOPMENT STAGE COMPANY)

                              FINANCIAL STATEMENTS

                             AS OF JANUARY 31, 2006

MODENA 3, Inc.

(a development stage company)

Financial Statements Table of Contents

FINANCIAL STATEMENTS                                                     Page #


         Balance Sheet                                                        5

         Statement of Operations and Retained Deficit                         6

         Cash Flow Statement                                                  7

         Notes to the Financial Statements                                    8


                                 MODENA 3, INC.

                          (a development stage company)

                                  BALANCE SHEET

                   As of January 31, 2006 and October 31, 2005


                                                         January 31,   October 31,

     CURRENT ASSETS                                         2006           2005

             Cash                                        $      0        $     0

                                                         ---------       --------

                           TOTAL ASSETS                  $      0        $     0

                                                         =========       ========



         Accrued expenses                                 $   3,650     $ 3,300

                                                          ---------     --------

                           TOTAL LIABILITIES                  3,650       3,300


       Common Stock - par value $0.001;

         100,000,000 shares authorized;

         100,000 issued and outstanding                         100         100

       Additional paid in capital                                 0           0

       Accumulated Deficit                                   (3,750)     (3,400)

                                                           ---------    --------

       Total stockholder's equity                            (3,650)     (3,300)

                                                           ---------    --------

           TOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY                     $     0     $     0

                                                            ========    ========

   The accompanying notes are an integral part of these financial statements.


                                  MODENA 3, INC.

                          (a development stage company)

                             STATEMENT OF OPERATIONS

             For the three months ending January 31, 2006 and 2005

         From inception (November 18, 2003) through January 31, 2005


                                            Three Months     Three Months   Inception to

                                            Jan. 31, 2006    Jan. 31, 2005  Jan. 31,2006

                                             ------------     -----------    ----------


       Sales                                 $         0      $        0     $       0

       Cost of sales                                   0               0             0

                                             ------------     -----------    ----------

     GROSS PROFIT                                      0               0             0

     GENERAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES             350             250         3,750

                                              -----------     -----------     ---------

     NET LOSS                                       (350)           (250)       (3,750)

     ACCUMULATED DEFICIT, BEGINNING BALANCE       (3,400)         (1,850)             0

                                              -----------     -----------     ---------

     ACCUMULATED DEFICIT, ENDING BALANCE       $  (3,750)     $   (2,100)     $ (3,750)

                                              ===========     ===========     =========


     Basic Net Loss Per Share               (Less than $.01) (Less than $.01)

     Basic Weighted Average

     Number of Common Shares Outstanding          100,000       100,000

   The accompanying notes are an integral part of these financial statements.

                                  MODENA 3, INC.

                          (a development stage company)

                             STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS

                 For the three months ended January 31, 2006 and 2005

            From inception (November 18, 2003) through January 31, 2006

                                                     January 31,  January 31,   From

                                                         2006        2005     Inception

                                                      ---------    --------   ---------


             Net income (loss)                        $   (350)    $  (250)   $ (3,750)

             Stock issued as compensation                    0           0         100

             Increases (Decrease) in accrued expenses     (350)        250       3,650

                                                      ---------    --------   ---------

NET CASH PROVIDED OR (USED) IN OPERATIONS                    0           0           0

                                                      ---------    --------   ---------


        None                                                 0           0           0

                                                      ---------    --------   ---------


        Stock issued on incorporation expenses               0           0           0

                                                      ---------    --------   ---------


        Net increase (decrease) in cash                      0           0           0

        Beginning cash balance                               0           0           0

                                                      ---------    --------     -------

CASH BALANCE AT END OF PERIOD                         $      0     $     0      $    0

                                                      =========    ========     =======

   The accompanying notes are an integral part of these financial statements.


                                  MODENA 3, INC.

                          (a development stage company)

                          NOTES TO FINANCIAL STATEMENTS

1.   Summary of significant accounting policies:




MODENA 3, Inc. (the Company), a Company incorporated in the state of Delaware as of November 18, 2003, plans to locate and negotiate with a business entity for the combination of that target company with The Company. The combination will normally take the form of a merger, stock-for-stock exchange or stock- for-assets exchange. In most instances the target company will wish to structure the business combination to be within the definition of a tax-free reorganization under Section 351 or Section 368 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. No assurances can be given that The Company will be successful in locating or negotiating with any target company.

The Company has been formed to provide a method for a foreign or domestic private company to become a reporting ("public") company whose securities are qualified for trading in the United States secondary market.

The Company has adopted its fiscal year end to be October 31.

Results of Operations and Ongoing Entity:


The Company is considered to be an ongoing entity for accounting purposes; however, there is substantial doubt as to the Company’s ability to continue as a going concern. The Company's shareholders fund any shortfalls in The Company's cash flow on a day to day basis during the time period that The Company is in the development stage.

Liquidity and Capital Resources:


In addition to the stockholder funding capital shortfalls; The Company anticipates interested investors that intend to fund the Company's growth once a business is located.

Cash and Cash Equivalents:


The Company considers cash on hand and amounts on deposit with financial institutions which have original maturities of three months or less to be cash and cash equivalents.

Basis of Accounting:


The Company's financial statements are prepared in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles.

                                  MODENA 3, INC.

                          (a development stage company)

                          NOTES TO FINANCIAL STATEMENTS

Income Taxes:


The Company accounts for income taxes in accordance with Statement of Financial Accounting Standards ("SFAS") No. 109, "Accounting for Income Taxes". Deferred tax assets and liabilities are recorded for differences between the financial statement and tax basis of the assets and liabilities that will result in taxable or deductible amounts in the future based on enacted tax laws and rates. Valuation allowances are established when necessary to reduce deferred tax assets to the amount expected to he realized. Income tax expense is recorded for the amount of income tax payable or refundable for the period increased or decreased by the change in deferred tax assets and liabilities during the period.

Fair Value of Financial Instruments:


The Company's financial instruments may include cash and cash equivalents, short-term investments, accounts receivable, accounts payable and liabilities to banks and shareholders. The carrying amount of long-term debt to banks approximates fair value based on interest rates that are currently available to The Company for issuance of debt with similar terms and remaining maturities. The carrying amounts of other financial instruments approximate their fair value because of short-term maturities.

Concentrations of Credit Risk:


Financial instruments which potentially expose The Company to concentrations of credit risk consist principally of operating demand deposit accounts. The Company's policy is to place its operating demand deposit accounts with high credit quality financial institutions. At this time The Company has no deposits

that are at risk.

Recent Accounting Pronouncements:


In March 2005, the FASB issued FSP No. 46(R) 5, "Implicit Variable Interests under FASB Interpretation No. ("FIN") 46 (revised December 2003), Consolidation of Variable Interest Entities" ("FSP FIN 46R 5"). FSP FIN 46R 5 provides guidance for a reporting enterprise on whether it holds an implicit variable interest in Variable Interest Entities ("VIEs") or potential VIEs when specific conditions exist. This FSP is effective in the first period beginning after March 3, 2005 in accordance with the transition provisions of FIN 46 (Revised 2003), "Consolidation of Variable Interest Entities   an Interpretation of Accounting Research Bulletin No. 51" ("FIN 46R"). The Company has determined that the adoption of FSP FIN 46R 5 will not have an impact on its results of operations and financial condition.

In March 2005, the FASB issued Interpretation No. 47, "Accounting for Conditional Asset Retirement Obligations" ("FIN 47"), which will result in (a) more consistent recognition of liabilities relating to asset retirement obligations, (b) more information about expected future cash outflows associated with those obligations, and (c) more information about investments in long lived assets because additional asset retirement costs will be recognized as part of the carrying amounts of the assets. FIN 47 clarifies that the term "conditional asset retirement obligation" as


                                  MODENA 3, INC.

                          (a development stage company)

                          NOTES TO FINANCIAL STATEMENTS

used in SFAS 143, "Accounting for Asset Retirement Obligations," refers to a legal obligation to perform an asset retirement activity in which the timing and/or method of settlement are conditional on a future event that may or may not be within the control of the entity. The obligation to perform the asset retirement activity is unconditional even though uncertainty exists about the timing and/or method of settlement. Uncertainty about the timing and/or method of settlement of a conditional asset retirement obligation should be factored into the measurement of the liability when sufficient information exists. FIN 47 also clarifies when an entity would have sufficient information to reasonably estimate the fair value of an asset retirement obligation. FIN 47 is effective no later than the end of fiscal years ending after December 15, 2005. Early adoption of this interpretation is encouraged. As FIN 47 was recently issued, the Company has not determined whether the interpretation will have a significant effect on its financial position or results of operations.

2.   Related Party Transactions and Going Concern:


The Company's financial statements have been presented on the basis that it is a going concern in the development stage, which contemplates the realization of assets and the satisfaction of liabilities in the normal course of business. At this time The Company has not identified the business that it wishes to engage in.

The Company's shareholders fund The Company's activities while The Company takes steps to locate and negotiate with a business entity for combination; however, there can be no assurance these activities will be successful.

3.   Accounts Receivable and Customer Deposits:


Accounts receivable and Customer deposits do not exist at this time and therefore have no allowances accounted for or disclosures made.

4.   Use of Estimates:


Management uses estimates and assumptions in preparing these financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Those estimates and assumptions affect the reported amounts of assets and liabilities, the disclosure of contingent assets and liabilities, and the reported revenue and expenses. Management has no reason to make estimates at this time.

5.   Revenue and Cost Recognition:


The Company uses the accrual basis of accounting in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles for financial statement reporting.

6.   Accrued Expenses:


Accrued expenses consist of accrued legal, accounting and office costs during this stage of the business.


                                  MODENA 3, INC.

                          (a development stage company)

                          NOTES TO FINANCIAL STATEMENTS

7.   Operating Lease Agreements:


The Company has no agreements at this time.

8.   Stockholder's Equity:


Common Stock includes 100,000,000 shares authorized at a par value of $0.001, of which 100,000 have been issued for the amount of $100 on November 18, 2003 in acceptance of the incorporation expenses for the Company.

9.   Required Cash Flow Disclosure for Interest and Taxes Paid:


The company has paid no amounts for federal income taxes and interest. The Company issued 100,000 common shares of stock to its sole shareholder in acceptance of the incorporation expenses for the Company.

10.  Income Taxes:


The Company has had a loss from inception in the amount of $3,750 that will expire if not used during the years 2024, 2025, and 2026 in the amounts of $1,850, $1,550 and 350, respectively.  The net tax asset is $750 of which the Company’s management has set an offsetting allowance for the doubtful use of this asset in the amount of $750.

11.  Earnings Per Share:


Basic earnings per share ("EPS") is computed by dividing earnings available to common shareholders by the weighted-average number of common shares outstanding for the period as required by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) under Statement of Financial Accounting Standards (SFAS) No. 128, "Earnings per Shares". Diluted EPS reflects the potential dilution of securities that could share in the earnings.


Item 2. Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Conditions and Results of Operations

Plan of Operation

The Company is continuing its efforts to locate a merger Candidate for the purpose of a merger.  It is possible that the Company will be successful in locating such a merger candidate and closing such merger. However, if the registrant cannot effect a non-cash acquisition, the registrant may have to raise funds from a private offering of its securities under Rule 506 of Regulation D. There is no assurance the registrant would obtain any such equity funding.

Results of Operation

The Company did not have any operating income from inception (November 18, 2003) through January 31, 2006.  For the three months ended January 31, 2006, the Company recognized a net loss of $950.  Some general and administrative expenses during the year were accrued.  Expenses for the year were comprised of costs mainly associated with legal, accounting and office.

Liquidity and Capital Resources

At January 31, 2006, the Company had no capital resources and will rely upon the issuance of common stock and additional capital contributions from shareholders to fund administrative expenses pending acquisition of an operating company.   

Off Balance-Sheet Arrangements

During the 3 months ended January 31, 2006, the Company did not engage in any off-balance sheet arrangements as defined in Item 303(c) of the SEC's Regulation S-B.

Item 3. Controls and Procedures

(a) Evaluation of disclosure controls and procedures.

The Chief Executive Officer of Modena 3, Inc. maintains a system of disclosure controls and procedures that is designed to provide reasonable assurance that information which is required to be disclosed is accumulated and communicated to management in a timely manner.  Under the supervision and with the participation of management, the certifying officer evaluated the effectiveness of the design and operation of the Company's disclosure controls and procedures (as defined in Rule [13a-14(c)/15d-14(c)] under the Exchange Act) within 90 days prior to the filing date of this report.  Based upon that evaluation, the certifying officer concluded that the Company's disclosure controls and procedures are effective in timely alerting management to material information relative to the Company required to be disclosed in periodic filings with the SEC.

(b) Changes in internal controls.

The Chief Executive Officer has indicated that there were no significant changes in internal controls or other factors that could significantly affect such controls subsequent to the date of his evaluation, and there were no such control actions with regard to significant deficiencies and material weaknesses.


Item 1.   Legal Proceedings.

The Company is currently not a party to any pending legal proceedings and no such action by or to the best of its knowledge, against the Company has been threatened.

Item 2.   Changes in Securities.


Item 3.   Defaults Upon Senior Securities.


Item 4.   Submission of Matters to a Vote of Security Holders

No matter was submitted during the quarter ending January 31, 2006 covered by this report to a vote of the Company's shareholders, through the solicitation of proxies or otherwise.

Item 5.   Other Information.


Item 6.   Exhibits.

          (a)  Exhibits

          31.1 Certification pursuant to Section 302 of Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002

          32.1 Certification pursuant to Section 906 of Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002



In accordance with Section 13 or 15(d) of the Exchange Act, the registrant caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned, there unto duly authorized.



Date: June 6, 2006

By:       /s/ Abraham Pierce


Abraham Pierce

President, Chief Executive Officer,

Chief Financial Officer