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Proxy Statement Pursuant to Section 14(a) of the

Securities Exchange Act of 1934

(Amendment No.     )



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  Preliminary Proxy Statement
  Confidential, for Use of the Commission Only (as permitted by Rule 14a-6(e)(2))
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  Soliciting Material Pursuant to §240.14a-12


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  Check box if any part of the fee is offset as provided by Exchange Act Rule 0-11(a)(2) and identify the filing for which the offsetting fee was paid previously. Identify the previous filing by registration statement number, or the Form or Schedule and the date of its filing.

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*** Exercise Your Right to Vote ***

Important Notice Regarding the Availability of Proxy Materials for the

Shareholder Meeting to Be Held on May 24, 2017.






Meeting Information











Meeting Type:          Annual Meeting



For holders as of:     March 27, 2017



Date:  May 24, 2017      Time:   10:00 AM CT


    Location:   Fiserv
                       255 Fiserv Drive

                   Brookfield, WI 53045




You are receiving this communication because you hold shares in the company named above.



This is not a ballot. You cannot use this notice to vote these shares. This communication presents only an overview of the more complete proxy materials that are available to you on the Internet. You may view the proxy materials online at or request a paper copy (see reverse side).




We encourage you to access and review all of the important information contained in the proxy materials before voting.


    See the reverse side of this notice to obtain proxy materials and voting instructions.

— Before You Vote —

How to Access the Proxy Materials




Proxy Materials Available to VIEW or RECEIVE:



Notice of Annual Meeting and Proxy Statement



Annual Report for the Year Ended December 31, 2016



How to View Online:



Have the information that is printed in the box marked by the arrow LOGO (located on the following page) available and visit:



How to Request and Receive a PAPER or E-MAIL Copy:



If you want to receive a paper or e-mail copy of these documents and/or documents for future meetings, you must request such documents. There is NO charge for requesting a copy. Please choose one of the following methods to make your request:




      2) BY TELEPHONE:   1-800-579-1639  
      3) BY E-MAIL*:  


*  If requesting materials by e-mail, please send a blank e-mail with the information that is printed in the box marked by the arrow LOGO (located on the following page) in the subject line.



Requests, instructions and other inquiries sent to this e-mail address will NOT be forwarded to your investment advisor. Please make the request as instructed above on or before May 10, 2017 to facilitate timely delivery.


— How To Vote —

Please Choose One of the Following Voting Methods






Vote By Internet: To vote now by Internet, go to Have the information that is printed in the box marked by the arrow LOGO (located on the following page) available and follow the instructions.



Vote By Telephone: You can vote by telephone by first requesting a paper copy of the materials, which will include a proxy card. Have your proxy card in hand when calling and then follow the instructions.



Vote By Mail: You can vote by mail by requesting a paper copy of the materials, which will include a proxy card.



Vote In Person: To obtain directions to the meeting, please contact Investor Relations at (800) 425-FISV or At the meeting, you will need to request a ballot to vote these shares.



Voting Items      


The Board of Directors recommends you vote FOR all the nominees listed:


  Election of Directors





01)    Alison Davis



06)    Kim M. Robak

    02)    John Y. Kim    07)    JD Sherman   
    03)    Dennis F. Lynch    08)    Doyle R. Simons   
    04)    Denis J. O’Leary    09)    Jeffery W. Yabuki   
    05)    Glenn M. Renwick      
The Board of Directors recommends you vote FOR the following proposal:
2.   To approve, on an advisory basis, the compensation of the named executive officers of Fiserv, Inc.
The Board of Directors recommends you vote 1 YEAR on the following proposal:
3.   Advisory vote on the frequency of advisory votes on the compensation of named executive officers.
The Board of Directors recommends you vote FOR the following proposal:
4.   To ratify the appointment of Deloitte & Touche LLP as the independent registered public accounting firm of Fiserv, Inc. for 2017.
The Board of Directors recommends you vote AGAINST the following proposal:
5.   A shareholder proposal seeking an amendment to Fiserv, Inc.’s proxy access by-law.
NOTE: If other matters properly come before the meeting or any adjournment or postponement thereof, it is intended that shares represented by proxies will be voted in the discretion of the proxy holders.










Form of e-mail communication regarding electronic delivery

You received this e-mail because our records show that (1) you are an employee of FISERV, INC. who has regular access to the company’s e-mail in the ordinary course of performing your duties and are expected to log-on to e-mail routinely to receive communications or (2) you have expressly consented to receive FISERV, INC. communications and vote by proxy via the Internet. You may have given this consent during a prior vote at

Important Notice Regarding Availability of Proxy Materials

2017 FISERV, INC. Annual Meeting of Shareholders

MEETING DATE: May 24, 2017

RECORD DATE: March 27, 2017

CUSIP NUMBER: 337738108

This e-mail relates to all shares in the following account(s):


FISERV, INC. - COMMON    123,456,789,012.00000
FISERV, INC. 401K    123,456,789,012.00000
FISERV, INC.    123,456,789,012.00000
FISERV, INC.    123,456,789,012.00000
FISERV, INC.    123,456,789,012.00000
FISERV, INC.    123,456,789,012.00000
FISERV, INC.    123,456,789,012.00000

You can enter your voting instructions and view the shareholder material at the Internet site below. If your browser supports secure transactions, you will automatically be directed to a secure site.

You may need your CONTROL NUMBER and your PIN:


  * CONTROL NUMBER: 0123456789012345


  * If you are an employee of FISERV, INC., your PIN is the last four digits of your Social Security number.


  * If you are a shareholder who consented to receive proxy materials electronically, your PIN is the four-digit number you selected at the time of your enrollment.


  * If you have forgotten your PIN please follow the “Forgot PIN” instructions on

Internet voting is accepted up to 11:59 p.m. (ET) the day before the meeting/cut off date.

Proxy materials can also be found at the following Internet site(s):

Proxy Statement

10-K Report

If you would like to cancel your enrollment, or change your e-mail address or PIN, please go to You will need the enrollment number below and your four-digit PIN. If you have forgotten your PIN, you can have it sent to your enrolled e-mail address by going to

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