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                        REPORT OF FOREIGN PRIVATE ISSUER

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                               EDAP TMS S.A. Files
                EDAP TMS S.A. Reports 2006 Third Quarter Results

                                November 8, 2006

                                  EDAP TMS S.A.
                      Parc Activite La Poudrette Lamartine
                               4/6 Rue du Dauphine
                          69120 Vaulx-en-Velin - France

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This report on Form 6-K with respect to our financial results for the third
quarter and the nine months ended September 30, 2006, is hereby incorporated by
reference in the registration statement of EDAP TMS S.A. on Form F-3, file
number 333-136811.


    LYON, France, Nov. 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- EDAP TMS S.A. (Nasdaq: EDAP),
today reported results for the third quarter and first nine months ended
September 30, 2006.

    Hugues de Bantel announced, "We are reporting two very different kinds of
news. In Europe, the major HIFU market today, EDAP continues to successfully
lead the growth and adoption of HIFU. Centers, treatments and RPP activity are
rising in response to our growth initiatives. Regarding additional markets for
future years, we have recently been informed by HealthTronics that they intend
to discontinue the partnership in the United States. This comes as a surprise to
us and is disappointing to us and to our shareholders. The US is clearly an
important future market in the coming years. EDAP will now aggressively take
action to address this change."

    The Company immediately implemented a US action plan to manage the
transition process:

     *    The Company will hire a US consultant to review the US market entry
          program and provide recommendations.

     *    EDAP is currently in discussions with HealthTronics regarding the
          ongoing Ablatherm clinical trials in the United States and the
          position of the parties under the Distribution Agreement dated
          February 2004 between the Company and HealthTronics, including the
          Company's legal remedies under that Agreement.

     *    Should the collaboration contemplated by the Distribution Agreement
          terminate, EDAP intends to actively seek another partner to continue
          toward the goal of obtaining regulatory approval for the Ablatherm in
          the United States. Both EDAP and HealthTronics have expressed their
          wish to create a smooth transition and clinical trials are expected to
          progress in the interim. The trials are currently suspended for
          software updates and are expected to resume shortly.

     *    While this represents a disruption to the anticipated schedule, EDAP's
          business plan does not contemplate revenue from the marketing of the
          Ablatherm in the United States in the immediate future as the trials
          are a multiyear enterprise. EDAP remains firmly committed to entering
          the U.S. market. In the event of a termination of the Distribution
          Agreement, EDAP retains all rights, data and trial related property
          associated with the program.

     *    The Company intends no change in the use of the proceeds obtained
          through the PIPE transaction as they are dedicated to the development
          of our Ablatherm RPP business in Europe.

    "Today, EDAP is more committed than ever to focus its efforts on confirming
the growing RPP Ablatherm HIFU business in Europe," stated de Bantel. "We will
address the US program to ensure we enter this important market. In the interim,
we continue, as previously planned, to grow HIFU in markets where it is already
approved, most notably Europe where EDAP is achieving success."

    The company's HIFU division continued to expand treatments in its
Revenue-Per-Procedure (RPP) business as well as grow the number of sites
offering therapy. Confirming the company's success transitioning to recurring
revenues from RPP treatments and services, total revenues in the first 9 months
increased in the HIFU division in spite of decreased revenues from device sales.
EDAP's marketing program showed early success driving increased HIFU awareness
and demand in European markets. Additional treatment growth is expected and
already visible as the company continues to transition to treatment sales in its
revenue focus. The company's lithotripsy business grew and returned to operating
profitability on strong sales.

    The company added six new Ablatherm sites in the third quarter bringing the
total trained centers to 123 as compared to 80 a year ago. Since September 30,
already an additional six sites have launched or are launching with more
scheduled throughout the rest of 2006. In what is traditionally the company's
slowest quarter due to European procedure scheduling trends, the company
reported approximately 700 treatments, level to the second quarter as opposed to
the typical seasonal drop seen in prior years. Total Ablatherm treatments now
approach 11,000 as compared to the 10,000 mark passed in the spring of this

    "The third quarter demonstrates EDAP's marketing program is growing HIFU
demand and sustainable RPP revenue trends," said Hugues de Bantel, CEO of EDAP.
"The company has a number of initiatives still to launch, including the hiring
of several additional key sales and support positions, but we clearly see
success as we continue to address the growing market for HIFU in Europe.
Treatments in the third quarter were strong compared to prior years. This is an
acceleration from the success of our marketing efforts -- patients are
increasingly seeking Ablatherm-HIFU therapy. EDAP is the only major HIFU company
with the clinical credibility, installation base, broad distribution networks
and, most importantly, dedicated funds to rapidly build HIFU as a minimally
invasive prostate cancer treatment, preserving quality of life, in Europe. We
are taking full advantage of this opportunity as the market is ready for


    For the first nine months of 2006, HIFU revenues increased 5% reflecting the
shift from device sales to recurring service and RPP revenues as well as growth
in total HIFU demand. Revenues related to RPP treatments were up 69% year to
date to EUR 2.0 million. Services increased 72% to EUR 1.0 million due to a
larger installed base of equipment, greater sales of disposable supplies at sold
sites and upgrade sales. The revenue increase comes despite a 42% drop in
equipment sales invoices, per the company's transition plan from equipment sales
to RPP business that will ultimately reduce its dependence on straight device

    "We are pleased to report our RPP business is not only making up the
difference in equipment sales, but could also in the mid-term provide for
revenue growth according to the goals we shared in previous reports," said de
Bantel. "We are also seeing a strong increase in services and disposables as
many of our sold sites exit their initial warranty period. Together, this
represents solid activity in HIFU as the market begins to grow in response to
EDAP's marketing initiatives focused on Europe."

    EDAP - HIFU Division: Euros 000's

      Year          Revenues      Gross Margin %     Operating Income (Loss)
---------------   ------------   ---------------    -------------------------
Q3 2006                  1,351                54%                        (326)
Q3 2005                  1,432                51%                        (146)
YTD 2006                 5,262                55%                        (540)
YTD 2005                 5,033                49%                        (333)

    RPP activity increased for the quarterly comparison in Germany, France,
Italy and treatments increased in the UK. The company launched its third German
mobile Ablatherm in response to heightened market activity and demand. RPP
treatments accounted for 188 sessions in the third quarter and 705 year to date
compared to 128 and 437 respectively in the same periods of 2005. Gross margins
improved to 55% compared to 49% for the year ago first nine months. The
improvement included increased RPP and services revenues as well as ongoing cost
efficiency gains.

    Total HIFU revenues in the third quarter were down 4% compared to the prior
year, related to the shift of selling one Ablatherm device as opposed to two,
while revenues in RPP services and disposables grew substantially in the
comparable periods as the company's mix shifted to favor these recurring revenue
streams. Clinical expenses increased year over year as the company increased
funding of clinical works and development programs to further establish HIFU as
a primary treatment therapy for localized primary indication and post-radiation
recurrent prostate cancers. This clearly correlates to increasing conversion of
urologists to HIFU users based on its strong clinical results and appeal to
patients concerned about lifestyle post treatment.

    Year-to-date marketing expenses increased from EUR 432,000 to EUR 827,000
related to the company's dedicated marketing programs to drive doctor and
patient awareness as well as increased activity related to medical congresses
and marketing as HIFU visibility has grown significantly in the past year
causing a corresponding increase in medical community interest at these events.

    "The shift in our financial reports clearly demonstrates the commitment to
rapidly accelerate our marketing and scientific activities using dedicated funds
in advance of expected market gains, especially in growth of RPP revenues," said
de Bantel. "We see signs of success in key markets where we first activated
these programs and expect more growth ahead. These early indications show we are
definitely making full use of our opportunities today to build markets for the


    The UDS division reported strong sales returning the division to
profitability for both the quarter and first nine month periods. Year to date
the company sold 30 pieces of equipment; service revenues remain steady. Gross
margin increased slightly to 32% in line with the company's normal range. The
division results include a slight increase in expenses related to marketing and
research programs to ongoing development programs. Backlog entering the fourth
quarter stands at 4 lithotripters.

    TMS - UDS Division : Euros 000's

      Year          Revenues      Gross Margin %      Operating Income (Loss)
---------------   ------------   ---------------    -------------------------
Q3 2006                  4,335                35%                         276
Q3 2005                  3,964                30%                         120
YTD 2006                12,178                32%                         106
YTD 2005                11,686                30%                         209


    Consolidated group revenue increased 5% year to date to EUR 15.4 million
reflecting the increases in RPP and services revenues and improved lithotripsy
sales. Consolidated gross margins increased to 42% versus 41% in the prior year
nine month period. Group expenses increased 17%, primarily related to growth in
marketing program activity for HIFU. Total company losses increased to EUR 2.3
million year to date compared to EUR 1.1 million in the prior year period. Of
the EUR 1.2 million increase in the year to date loss, EUR 559,000 is primarily
related to a potential exchange loss in currency changes and the difference of
EUR 647,000 is primarily related to investment in marketing and operations.
Marketing expenses were up to EUR 1.2 million compared to EUR 653,000 with the
primary increase related to HIFU activity building larger recurring revenue
streams based on increased treatment activity. Cash balances stood at EUR 10.5
million at September 30, 2006. Total cash used in operations for the third
quarter was EUR 360,000. Working capital in accounts payable net of receivables
increased by EUR 890,000. Corporate expenses were up 16% to EUR 1.3 million
related to increases in regulatory, legal, audit including Sarbanes Oxley fees
and other expenses.

    The company also reports Olivier Missoffe resigned from his position on the
Board for personal reasons. The Board will announce a replacement member at a
future date. The Company thanks Mr. Missoffe for his service and support of
EDAP-TMS since 2002.


    Hugues de Bantel, CEO of EDAP TMS, commented: "EDAP made significant
progress in Europe during the third quarter and continues to announce advances
as they occur. EDAP is well funded to take advantage of this market opportunity
to recruit the best and most progressive centers in major European markets as
they seek to offer patients additional options with fewer side effects in
treating prostate cancer. Our efforts to date in building the most comprehensive
clinical background on HIFU and accelerating our marketing programs are having a
positive effect, much of which relates to recurring revenue lines in the RPP
business. We are excited to see these markets unfold creating growth
opportunities ahead.

    "The latest developments in our relationship with HealthTronics will likely
result in a delay in the Ablatherm approval process, and we intend to take the
opportunity to reclaim the US market as well as evaluate all strategic and
partnership opportunities as HIFU is today more broadly regarded as an important
and innovative choice for primary and radiation failure treatment of prostate
cancer and beyond.

    "This year already demonstrates significant advances in major European
markets such as France, Germany, Italy and the U.K., all of which have a major
EDAP presence as the global leader. Additionally, the appeal of HIFU is driving
advances for EDAP in new markets, especially European countries like Norway,
Spain, Portugal and others in the process of launching services. EDAP and the
Ablatherm continue to advance on proven scientific results using documented and
repeatable techniques at centers in each country prior to the formal launch. Our
dedication to clinical and education programs showing the highly repeatable
outcomes rivaling standard therapies with low side effects has been well
received and continues to open doors for EDAP in current and future markets."

    Conference Call and Webcast

    The company will host a conference call to discuss the results and answer
questions from investors on Wednesday, November 8, 2006, at 12:00 noon Eastern
Time, 6:00 p.m. Paris Time. Investors may join the call live by dialing (866)
200-5830 from the United States or +1 (212) 659-4210 from international
locations and entering PIN code 241092#. Investors may also listen to the live
call online at http://www.edap-tms.com .

    A replay will be available by telephone or online. To access the replay,
dial (866) 206-0173 or +1 (646) 216-7204 and enter access code 190287# beginning
one hour after the end of the call until November 18, 2006, or visit the
company's Web site at http://www.edap-tms.com .

    About EDAP TMS S.A.

    EDAP TMS S.A. develops and markets Ablatherm, the most advanced and
clinically proven choice for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment
of localized prostate cancer. HIFU treatment is shown to be a minimally invasive
and effective treatment option with a low occurrence of side effects.
Ablatherm-HIFU is generally recommended for patients with localized prostate
cancer (stages T1-T2) who are not candidates for surgery or who prefer an
alternative option, or for patients who failed radiotherapy treatment. The
company is also developing this technology for the potential treatment of
certain other types of tumors. EDAP TMS S.A. also produces and commercializes
medical equipment for treatment of urinary tract stones using Extra-corporeal
Shockwave Lithotripsy (ESWL).

    For more information on the Company, contact Halliburton Investor Relations
at (972) 458-8000, the Corporate Investor Relations Dept at +33 (0)4 78 26 40 46
or see the Company's Web sites at http://www.edap-tms.com and
http://www.hifu-planet.com .

    In addition to historical information, this press release contains
forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. These include
statements regarding the Company's growth and expansion plans. Such statements
are based on management's current expectations and are subject to a number of
uncertainties and risks that could cause actual results to differ materially
from those described in these forward-looking statements. Factors that may cause
such a difference include, but are not limited to, those described in the
Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Ablatherm-HIFU
treatment is in clinical trials but not yet FDA approved or marketed in the
United States.

                                  EDAP TMS S.A.
     (Amounts in thousands of Euros and U.S. Dollars, except per share data)

                                      Three Months Ended:               Three Months Ended:
                                 ------------------------------    ------------------------------
                                 September 30,    September 30,    September 30,    September 30,
                                     2006             2005             2006             2005
                                 -------------    -------------    -------------    -------------
                                     Euros            Euros             $US              $US
Net sales of medical
 equipment                               2,193            2,062            2,795            2,510
Net sales of RPP                           597              355              761              432
Net sales of spare
 parts, supplies
 and Services                            2,186            2,109            2,787            2,567

NET SALES                                4,976            4,526            6,343            5,509
Other revenues                              37              ---               47              ---
TOTAL REVENUES                           5,013            4,526            6,390            5,509
Cost of sales                           (2,978)          (2,681)          (3,795)          (3,263)

GROSS PROFIT                             2,035            1,845            2,595            2,246
Research &
 expenses                                 (646)            (255)            (823)            (510)
S, G & A expenses                       (2,066)          (2,084)          (2,634)          (2,337)
Non recurring
 operating expenses                        (72)             (92)
Total operating
 expenses                               (2,784)          (2,339)          (3,549)          (2,847)

 (LOSS)                                   (749)            (494)            (954)            (601)
Interest (expense)
 income, net                                53                8               67                9
Currency exchange
 gains (loss), net                        (154)             (79)            (196)             (96)
Other income
 (loss), net                                (8)              20              (11)              24

 INTEREST                                 (858)            (545)          (1,094)            (664)
Income tax (expense)
 credit                                     15              (28)              19              (33)

NET INCOME (LOSS)                         (843)            (573)          (1,075)            (697)

Earning per share
 - Basic                                 (0.10)           (0.07)           (0.12)           (0.09)
Average number of
 shares used in
 computation of
 EPS                                 8,802,507        7,781,731        8,802,507        7,781,731
Earning per share
 - Diluted                               (0.10)           (0.07)           (0.12)           (0.09)
Average number of
 shares used in
 computation of
 EPS                                 9,525,669        8,344,368        9,525,669        8,344,368

    NOTE: Translated for convenience of the reader to U.S. dollars at the 2006
average three months noon buying rate of 1 Euro = 1.2748 USD, and 2005 average
three months noon buying rate of 1 Euro = 1.2172 USD.

                                  EDAP TMS S.A.
     (Amounts in thousands of Euros and U.S. Dollars, except per share data)

                                       Nine Months Ended:                Nine Months Ended:
                                 ------------------------------    ------------------------------
                                 September 30,    September 30,    September 30,    September 30,
                                      2006             2005             2006             2005
                                 -------------    -------------    -------------    -------------
                                     Euros            Euros             $US              $US
Net sales of medical
 equipment                               6,651            6,997            8,329            8,795
Net sales of RPPs                        2,022            1,197            2,532            1,505
Net sales of spare
 parts, supplies
 and Services                            6,590            6,356            8,252            7,988

NET SALES                               15,263           14,550           19,113           18,288
Other revenues                             116               53              145               67
TOTAL REVENUES                          15,379           14,603           19,258           18,355
Cost of sales                           (8,846)          (8,688)         (11,077)         (10,920)

GROSS PROFIT                             6,533            5,915            8,181            7,435
Research &
 expenses                               (1,869)            (788)          (2,340)          (1,696)
S, G & A expenses (6,616)               (6,497)          (8,285)          (7,460)
Non recurring
 expenses                                  (72)             ---              (91)             ---
Total operating
 expenses                               (8,557)          (7,285)         (10,716)          (9,156)

 (LOSS)                                 (2,024)          (1,370)          (2,535)          (1,721)
Interest (expense)
 income, net                                88               35              110               44
Currency exchange
 gains (loss), net                        (330)             229             (414)             287
Other income (loss),
 net                                        (8)              22              (10)              28

 INTEREST                               (2,274)          (1,084)          (2,849)          (1,362)
Income tax
 (expense) credit                          (42)             (27)             (52)             (34)

NET INCOME (LOSS)                       (2,316)          (1,111)          (2,901)          (1,396)

Earning per share
 - Basic                                 (0.26)           (0.14)           (0.33)           (0.18)
Average number of
 shares used in
 computation of
 EPS                                 8,802,507        7,781,731        8,802,507        7,781,731
Earning per share
 - Diluted                               (0.26)           (0.14)           (0.33)           (0.18)
Average number of
 shares used in
 computation of
 EPS                                 9,550,740        8,344,368        9,550,740        8,344,368

    NOTE: Translated for convenience of the reader to U.S. dollars at the 2006
average nine months noon buying rate of 1 Euro = 1.2522 USD, and 2005 average
nine months noon buying rate of 1 Euro = 1.2569 USD.

                                  EDAP TMS S.A.
                (Amounts in thousands of Euros and U.S. Dollars)

                                 September 30,       June 30,      September 30,       June 30,
                                     2006             2006             2006             2006
                                 -------------    -------------    -------------    -------------
                                     Euros            Euros             $US              $US
Cash, cash equivalents
 and short term
 investments                            10,540           6,635          13,372           8,479

Total current assets                    27,542          22,216          34,942          28,390

Total current
 liabilities                            11,828          10,822          15,007          13,829

Shareholders' Equity                    20,463          16,057          25,961          20,519

    NOTE: Translated for convenience of the reader to U.S. dollars at the noon
buying rate of 1 Euro = 1.2687 USD, on September 30, 2006 and at the noon buying
rate of 1 Euro = 1.2779 USD, on June 30, 2006.

                                  EDAP TMS S.A.
                      NINE MONTHS ENDED SEPTEMBER 30, 2006
                         (Amounts in thousands of Euros)

                               EDAP S.A.      TMS S.A.
                                 HIFU           UDS       EDAP TMS    Consolidation     Total After
                               Division      Division       HQ           Impact        Consolidation
                              ------------   ---------   ---------   --------------    -------------
Net sales
 of medical
 devices                             1,506       6,246         ---           (1,101)           6,651

Net sales of
 RPPs                                2,022                                                     2,022

Net sales of
 spare parts,
 supplies &
 services                            1,679       5,871         ---             (960)           6,590

Other revenues                          55          61         ---                               116

TOTAL REVENUES                       5,262      12,178         ---           (2,061)          15,379

                                  2,917 55%   3,866 32%        ---             (250)        6,533 42%

Research &
 Development                        (1,027)       (842)        ---              ---           (1,869)

Selling and
 Marketing                          (1,905)     (1,628)                                       (3,533)

Total G&A
 depreciation                         (525)     (1,290)     (1,268)             ---           (3,083)

Non recurring
 op. expenses                          ---         ---         (72)             ---              (72)

 (LOSS)                               (540)        106      (1,340)            (250)          (2,024)

                  Hugues de Bantel - Philippe Chauveau
                  Blandine Confort
                  +33 4 78 26 40 46

                  Halliburton Investor Relations
                  Matt Kreps - Geralyn DeBusk
                  972 458 8000

    -0-                             11/07/2006
    /CONTACT: Hugues de Bantel, Philippe Chauveau, or Blandine Confort, all of
EDAP TMS S.A., +33-4-78-26-40-46; or Matt Kreps or Geralyn DeBusk, both of
Halliburton Investor Relations, +1-972-458-8000, for EDAP TMS S.A./
    /Web site:  http://www.edap-tms.com
                http://www.hifu-planet.com /


Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the
registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the
undersigned, thereunto duly authorized.

Date : November 9, 2006                                  EDAP TMS S.A.

                                                         /s/ HUGUES DE BANTEL
                                                         HUGUES DE BANTEL
                                                         CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER