WASHINGTON, D.C. 20549

                                    FORM 8-K

                                 CURRENT REPORT
     Pursuant to Section 13 OR 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934

               Date of Report (Date of earliest event reported):

                                January 27, 2011

                              eMax Worldwide, Inc.

                 (State or other jurisdiction of incorporation)


                            (Commission File Number)


                       (IRS Employer Identification No.)

                         1512 South 1100 East, Suite B
                           Salt Lake City, Utah 84105
                    (Address of principal executive offices)

              Registrant's telephone number, including area code:
                                 (850) 638-3920

                               eMax Holdings Corp
                             358 South 700 St B149
                           Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

         (Former name or former address, if changed since last report.)


On January 24, 2011 the Chairman of the company posted this on the front page of
their  website and emailed the same out to the list of shareholders they have in
their email list

January 24, 2011

Dear Shareholders, Managers, Directors, Partners, Counselors, Family and Friends

I  would like to take this opportunity to speak to you and give you an update of
this last year's company events. Even though it was only five months ago that my
husband,  best  friend and Co-founder of the company died of cancer, the company
has  made tremendous growth progress this year. I am extremely proud of each and
everyone  that  has helped the company to make such tremendous progress and even
when  all  of  us  have had hard adversities to overcome as well ourselves. I am
ever so grateful to each and every one who has helped the company, my family and
me  personally  regarding  all the corporate and personal matters we have had to
work  through  this  past  year. The company and I would never have been able to
make  so  much  progress  without  the help of each and everyone of you. I am so
pleased  to announce the following progress we have made this past year. At this
date of this Writing eMax Worldwide has:

1.  Paid all the hard costs associated with the mailing of four different stock
dividends  to  our shareholders. The stock dividends are for year 2003, 2005 and
for  two in year 2007. We all have our transfer agent National Stock Transfer to
thank  for  working  so  diligently  and  proficiently  to  make sure that every
detailed  is  handled  perfectly.  This is a very large task as for we have over
2700  shareholders and a majority of them are holding certificates so that means
that  over  2700  pieces of mailings had to be prepared and some that will carry
four  certificates,  a  two  page letter from the company and all has to be sent
with  a form of registered mailing. All shareholders that held their shares in a
brokerage  account  at  time  of  the dividends were announced will be receiving
their dividends directly to their brokerage firms.

2.  Formed  a  new  Subsidiary, New Unified Corp, to acquire operating company
investments  in  the  area  of  income  producing  real  estate,  oil,  gas  and
alternative  energy companies and commodity producing operations in the US. eMax
Worldwide's  objectives are to acquire companies that will help to put Americans
back to work and produce more USA made products.

3.  Has launched an online e commerce store powered by Yahoo, www.buyemax.com

4.  Its  subsidiary,  eMax Media group has begun the process re digitizing and
mastering songs from their catalog of over 9500 music titles for the repackaging
of  eMax  Music  CD's for major retail store outlets and for the new proprietary
digital network being developed .

5.  Has appointed  new officers and directors for the company and its two partly
held companies, eMax Media Group, www.emaxmediagroup.com. and New Unified Corp.

6.  eMax Media has sent representing partners this week to Midem, www.midem.com,
the  largest  International  Music  Buyer  Conference, held in Cannes France, to
present their media products, http://www.thebestmusic.biz. Midem is planning for
14,000  attendants  from  around  the  world  looking to acquire music and media
products and make investments into companies such as eMax Media Group

7.  Has  retained  the  SEC  Legal  services  of  McMullen  and  Associates,
www.mcmullenassociates.com.  McMullen  and  Associates  has been a wonderful SEC
firm  to  work with this year and we are privileged to have such a great team of
SEC attorneys to work beside for all of our companies.

8.  Has  retained  the  auditing  services  of  Bongiovanni  and  Associates ,
BAI-CPA.com.   The  company  has  currently  finished  preparing  all  corporate
accounting  files  through  the  end  of 2010 and is planning to be finished the
auditing  process  with  their  auditors  as  soon as possible over the next few
weeks.  Initially  the company announced on their website that the auditors were
Green  Tree  Financial  Group  in  error. This was the name of the firm they had
engaged back in 2003 and which is associated with the same principal officers.

9.  Is preparing the necessary steps and filings for eMax Media Group to become
its  own  separate publicly trading company, with the help of their SEC auditors
and attorneys.

10.  Is  preparing  to allow shareholders to exchange the stock dividends from
year  2003  and 2005 for common shares in eMax Media Groups. As we have finished
the  accounting of the company and the subsidiary companies , we have noted that
the exchange of those two dividends from year 2003 and 2005 we believe are going
to  garner  those  shareholders more gains than initially expected. We will have
concise  conclusion  to this matter when the auditors finish their work auditing
all the company's financial's.

11.  Is  working  towards  generating  large  profitable  earnings  for  its
shareholders  in  all  of its company interests. This is being done by acquiring
profitable operational companies and preparing for new large sales orders in our
media subsidiary, emax media Group, www.emaxmediagroup.com, www.emaxmusic.com

12.  The company has just begun a stock buy back program. The company is aware
of  other groups that have begun to acquire and accumulating fairly large amount
of stock from the open market, as well.

13.  Is  preparing  to raise 20 Million Dollars for eMax Worldwide through the
Issuance  of  their  Preferred A Stock and the filing of the necessary documents
with the SEC.

14.  Is  Preparing to raise 21 Millions Dollars for eMax Media Group through a
Private  Placement Memorandum which has been prepared and is getting ready to be
filed with the SEC.

15.  Is working towards finishing filing all the necessary last set of documents
with the SEC and NASDAQ to be fully reporting for eMax Worldwide

16.  eMax  Worldwide  canceled  their previous decision to reverse the capital
structure  of  their common stock and has filed the necessary documents with the
State of Utah and with the SEC.

17.  Emax Media Group is Preparing to sign the first of two new music recording
artists and the associated music video and concert touring schedules.

18.  Has launched the good news network, www.emaxnews.com

19.  Paid  a  lot  of  corporate  payables  down and the costs associated with
everything listed above

Shareholders  who still have questions about the dividends, they may be entitled
to,  can  find the detail information at http://www.emaxworldwide.com. Last year
was  the  hardest year of my life and yet one of the most productive. I am proud
to  say, that eMax Worldwide has some of the most experienced and talented Board
of  Directors,  operations  managers and professionals, working with the highest
level  of  integrity everyday to oversee the success of these great companies. I
wake up each morning knowing that I am truly the most blessed woman in the world
to  have the opportunity to work with these incredible men and women each day. I
wish  to thank all of our shareholders who have been gracious in allowing me and
everyone at eMax the time to deal with my Husbands death; at the same time as we
have been overwhelmingly busy finishing a lot of old business and building a lot
of  new business operations for our shareholders benefit. I am truly expecting a
very  prosperous year for the company and each and everyone of our shareholders.
I  pray  God  Almighty  keeps  each and everyone of you and your family safe and
healthy this year.

Updates:  At  our  companies  sites  all  shareholders  can find lots of current
information  including  material  information  pertaining  to the company, their
management,  the  companies history and the companies future plans. In addition,
we  as  a  company  do  regular press releases and filings to the SEC announcing
those same press releases.


The  company  has  recently  been  attacked  for  months  now with sladerous and
wrongful     comments     on     an     investment     chat    board    callled,
http://www.investorshub.com.  The  Moderator position has been taken by a poster
by  the  name  of  NXXI_08 and in doing our own due diligence, below is links to
some of the articles that we have found on the board investorhub.com. Because of
these findings, and months of continual malicious attacks by this board, we have
decided  to suggest publicly to all our shareholders to stay away form the board
because of investorshub's known unethical practices.

Below  is  some  due  diligence eMax Worldwide has discovered and is now letting
more  people  know  of  these  findings through this 8k filing. We beleive these
attacks  are intentional and malicious to keep our companies market cap down and
we can not understand who or why this is going on. Many people who have followed
our  stocks  on  that  board have asked the company to remove the moderator that
took  over  the  board  this  past  two  months  countless times with no returns
messages  or  calls  from  the  owners of investorshub.com. They asked for their
removal because everytime someone posted due diligence proper information on our
company the moderator proceeded to remove the information and then ban that same
poster from use of their paid subscriber service. Some have been banned for long
period  of times. At one time , the site had lots of reposted filing information
on  eMax  Worldwide  and  their  filing information but just to have all the due
diligence  on  our company removed. These are the reasons that countless members
there has asked for the moderator to be removed. During our own due diligence on
investorshub  we  have learned that this is a real problem for many other public
companies,  and  their  shareholder  postings  as well. We believe investorshub,
after  our  due  diligence,  doesnt care at all about these unsavory acts or the
success of the public companies. The company plans to file a formal complaint to
the  SEC  against  this  company and the posters that have been posting lies and
untrue  statements  on  their chat board as the very near term. In the meantime,
the  company  has  been  using their websites, and other commmunication channels
with  their  shareholders  to  announce  other  chat  boards they can follow our
company  and we have placed the OTCmarkets.com link on the front page of all our
corporate  websites; so our shareholders can get factual due diligence materials
that  they  need  to  make proper investment decisions surrounding our company's
stocks timely.

                         Investorshub.com due diligence












Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended,
the  registrant  has  duly  caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the
undersigned, thereunto duly authorized.

January 27, 2011


By:/s/Roxanna Weber
Roxanna Weber- Chairman, President and Director