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"The Soccer Academy" Television Show is Returning to KMCI "The Spot" in Kansas City on Saturday at 12:30 p.m. CT

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NAHDA Coaches in Marrakech

Watch “The Soccer Academy” on the Entire LATV Network Platform as Well – Using Soccer to Spread Peace Featuring Morocco this Week

Kansas City, Missouri Dec 8, 2022 ( - "The Soccer Academy" Television Show is Returning to KMCI "The Spot" in Kansas City on Saturday, December 10, 2022, at 12:30 p.m. CT

Watch "The Soccer Academy" on the Entire LATV Network Platform as Well - Using Soccer to Spread Peace

Featuring Morocco this Week

 This Saturday at 12:30 in the afternoon (12:30 p.m. Central Time), the educational & instructional travelogue show known as "The Soccer Academy" is returning to broadcast television in metro Kansas City on KMCI "The Spot" (Channel 41).  The show will continue to air after that on consecutive Saturdays for the next several weeks on KMCI in the Kansas City area at 12:30 p.m.

Last season, "The Soccer Academy" featured various episodes that were filmed in and throughout the country of Mexico.  Many of those episodes can now be seen online via "The Soccer Academy" YouTube Channel at:

Those episodes can also be seen on

"The Soccer Academy" production team has produced four (4) new episodes that will be featured from December 2022 until the middle of 2023.  Those episodes were filmed in the countries of Morocco and Portugal, and episode descriptions can be found below.


"The Soccer Academy" is also broadcast and aired on the entire LATV network platform in over 30 cities in North America.  Some of those specific broadcast areas can be found below.

"The Soccer Academy" is an uplifting, inspirational, educational, and cultural show that demonstrates key soccer skills as well.  Most of all, perhaps, it boosts self-esteem and encourages healthy living for young people, adults, and families domestically and internationally.  The main premise of "The Soccer Academy" is to spread a message of "peace through soccer around the world."

"The Soccer Academy" is co-produced in connection with the Global Foundation for Peace through Soccer, a non-profit organization that assists underprivileged, challenged, and marginalized communities around the globe through the sport of soccer.  See for more.

This past summer, "The Soccer Academy" and the Global Foundation for Peace through Soccer teamed up with the State Department and the United States Embassy in Rabat, Morocco to host two weeks of soccer camps in Marrakech and Safi for young soccer players who were underserved in their communities.  During those camps, the staff from the Global Foundation for Peace through Soccer operated free soccer clinics throughout the day, gave away free soccer equipment, and served free meals to the needy and less fortunate in those communities in Morocco.

Founder and Chairman of the Global Foundation for Peace through Soccer, Antonio Soave, said this:

"Soccer is one of the greatest tools for spreading peace, love, culture, and understanding in the world today.  We are grateful to have so many wonderful high-level volunteer coaches from around the globe that donate their time and attention to this cause.  Most of all, we feel honored and blessed to be able to serve the needy, the disenfranchised, and the less fortunate whenever and wherever possible.  Furthermore, soccer possesses the ability to ethnic, racial, religious, and cultural boundaries.  In our case, we use soccer as a viable mechanism to get communities around the world to engage in a more peaceful and sustainable dialogue."

The Soccer Academy television show is distributed by the Television Syndication Company (  Contact Mary Joyce for show distribution at

A key global sponsorship partner of "The Soccer Academy" is BU Sunscreen of Malibu, California (

See these links for more:

Specific Broadcast Markets Reached with "The Soccer Academy" 


Buena Vision WBQM 51.2 Spectrum Ch.186/892 Verizon Ch.480 LP 3706

Viewers/Households/Audience: 7,368,320 individuals; 6,256,430 households 



Viewers/Households/Audience: 1,660,020 individuals; 1,115,630 households


Mako Communications. KUVM 34.1 Uverse CH 34.1 LP 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 2,373,700 individuals; 1,210,620 households


KTXD-LATV 47.3 Spectrum 93 & Channel 24. FP 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 2,646,370 individuals; 1,362,690 households

LATV Networks

57 Direct TV Ch.57 Dish Ch.57 Spectrum, Cox, Verizon, Uverse 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 5,489,810 individuals; 2,844,440 households


Mako Communications W25DW-IND 25.5 NA LP 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 3,475,220 individuals; 2,100,400 households


Mako Communications KISA-IND 40.2 NA LP 907,320 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 443,440 individuals; 129,700 households


Cox KTVU-FOX 2.2 Comcast Ch.188 & 622 FP 3869 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 2,484,690 individuals; 1,624,400 households


Lotus Communications Corp. KPHE TV44 41.1 405 COX cable / PRISM TV from Century Link LP 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 1,848,850 individuals; 339,210 households


WSLCO-BRNSVL-MCA 10 86 Entravision KNVO-UNI 48.3 FP 2320 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 363,410 individuals; 142,640 households 


Prism Broadcasting. Network KBIT-LATV 50.3 Comcast 479 LP 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 1,349,990 individuals; 629,810 households


Entravision XHAS-TEL 33.2 Spectrum Ch.1288 FP 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 1,055,030 individuals; 765,450 households


Nexstar KGPE-CBS 47.3 Comcast Ch.624 FP 2293 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 564,840 individuals; 214,380 households 


Entravision WVEN-UVN 26.2 Spectrum 461 & 911 FP 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 1,489,710 individuals; 1,024,910 households


15 47 Entravision KLUZ-UVN 42.2 Comcast Ch. 201 Cox Ch.196 FP 2176 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 662,570 individuals; 179,570 households


16 4 Mako Communications WZPA-AZT 33.4 NA LP 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 2,917,920 individuals; 2,339,810 households


Entravision KCEC-UVN 50.2 Comcast Ch. 259 FP 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 1,576,090 individuals; 704,000 households

WASHINGTON, DC (plus Surrounding Areas)

18 8 Entravision WMDO-UVN 47.2 Comcast Ch. 270 & 599 Verizon Ch. 475 FP 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 2,443,640 individuals; 1,827,870 households 

EL PASO (Texas)

Entravision KINT-UVN 26.3 Spectrum Ch. 1277 FP 2342 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 332,920 individuals; 139,510 households 


20 13 Entravision WVEA-UVN 62.2 Verizon Ch. 465, Comcast Ch.230, Spectrum 626/ 911, FP 3275 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 1,859,820 individuals; 1,435,420 households

BOSTON & MANCHESTER (Massachusetts) 

Entravision WUNI-UVN 27.2 Comcast Ch. 299 & 724 Verizon Ch. 477 Spectrum Ch. 189 FP 1820 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 2,411,250 individuals; 2,027,510 households


Mako Communications KVAT-IND 17.2 NA LP 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 754,640 individuals; 430,690 households


Prism Bdcstg. Network WANN-IND 32.3/26.4 Spectrum 540 Charter Ch. 175 LP 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 2,385,730 individuals; 1,330,090 households


Entravision KINC-UVN 15.2 Cox Ch.119 & 16 FP 8576 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 736,700 individuals; 394,060 households

TUCSON (Arizona)

25 71 Scripps KWBA-CW 58.2 Cox Ch. 88 & 205 FP 2354 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 428,090 individuals; 182,760 households


Entravision KORO-UVN 28.3 Spectrum Ch. 1277 FP 1908 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 205,900 individuals; 101,870 households         

HARTFORD & NEW HAVEN (Connecticut)

Entravision WUVN-UVN 18.2 Comcast Ch.254, 624, 251, 399, 228, 268 Spectrum Ch. 189 FP 1995 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 945,250 individuals; 783,400 households

BAKERSFIELD (California)

30 127 CNZ Communications. KXBF 14 LP 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 219,000 individuals; 100,190 households


32 34 Serestar CommunicationsKULX-TEL 10.3 Comcast Ch.112 LP 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 884,900 individuals; 352,060 households


Tiat Broadcasting LLC. WHNE 14.1 NA LP 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 1,828,230 individuals; 1,192,690 households


34 125 Entravision KSMS-UVN 67.3 Comcast Ch.188 & 622 FP 1901 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 221,910 individuals; 103,070 households


Entravision KUPB 18.2 NA FP 2285 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 156,650 individuals; 78,960 households

LAREDO (Texas)

Entravision KLDO-UVN 19.4 Spectrum Ch.1248 FP 2286 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 72,480 individuals; 42,630 households


39 168 Entravision KVYE-UVN 7.2 Spectrum Ch.307 FP 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 109,180 individuals; 37,210 households


41 35 CNZ Communications WIWN 5.4 Spectrum Ch. 201 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 882,210 individuals; 516,890 households


42 89 Entravision KVSN-UVN 48.3 Comcast Ch.189 & 259 FP 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 346,120 individuals; 148,250 households


Entravision KPMR-UVN 21.3 Cox Ch.190 & 620 Spectrum Ch. 196 FP 

Viewers/Households/Audience: 228,480 individuals; 116,360 households

New 2022/2023 Episodes / Four (4) New Episodes Filmed in HD

  • The Soccer Academy in Morocco - MarrakechFilmed in July 2022 and Edited in November 2022

This episode takes viewers on an exciting cultural and tourist journey to the magnificent historic city of Marrakech.  From the old Jamaa El-Fna Marketplace (Souk) in Old Marrakech to award-winning restaurants in the newer districts, The Soccer Academy in Marrakech takes viewers on a fanciful journey of old Morocco.  In addition, a U.S. Embassy-sponsored soccer camp at the beautiful "Kickoff Soccer Complex" located on the outskirts of Marrakech.  Camel rides and authentic ice cream treats are featured, along with dancing with live cobra snakes in the city square.  Furthermore, there are entertaining inserts pertaining to the discovery of Aladdin's Lamp in the Old Souk in Marrakech, as well as tours of ancient mosques and churches.

Viewable link:

  • The Soccer Academy in Morocco - SafiEdition

Filmed in July 2022 and Currently in Editing

Take a journey to the fabulous port town of Safi on the northwestern coastline of Morocco.  While there, viewers will witness favorite local cuisine dishes such as "Tagine," along with the largest Tagine container in the world.  Safi's famous cultural and tourism sites such as the Ceramics Souk, the tribute site to the first bank in Safi, and the majestic old city streets--replete with remnants from old mosques and a Portuguese church.  Interviews with local soccer coaches and administrators are featured, too.  All in all, the Safi episode takes the viewer into an old-world setting with new-world components sprinkled in.  See everything from food to culture and from tourism to soccer.  

  • The Soccer Academy in Portugal - Lisbon

Filmed in October 2022 and Currently in Editing

Experience the allure of old Lisbon in this extraordinary episode of "The Soccer Academy."  See the famous soccer stadium where the famed pro soccer team, Benfica, plays its home games.  Tour old city streets in Lisbon and go on a very special gastronomic tour of the most notable restaurants in that area of Portugal.  Tour the cathedral where St. Anthony was born and peruse the city streets to partake in the purchase of everything from hand-roasted chestnuts to authentic soccer gear (sold in certain specialized sports stores).  Old cafes and coffee shops are highlighted, as are the sights, sounds, and smells of beautiful Lisbon.  Specific soccer instruction is replete with new skills and drills for just about every level of a soccer player, coach, and aficionado.  

  • The Soccer Academy in Portugal - Fatima, and Countryside

Filmed in October 2022 and Currently in Editing

Viewers get to see the spectacular attraction of small towns in Portugal such as Fatima.  Quaint restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques appear for viewers--front and center.  Custom toy and souvenir shops are also on display, as the team from The Soccer Academy goes through both city streets and along country roads.  See the expansive cathedral of Our Lady of Fatima, known for its miraculous apparitions.  Tour Fatima's specially customized soccer stadium, recently renamed in honor of St. John Paul II.  Finally, soccer instructional elements are inserted for learning and educational purposes.  And we won't forget some language instruction as well.







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Global Foundation for Peace through Soccer / The Soccer Academy

Source :The Soccer Academy Television Show

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