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A Letter From CEO

 NJ, Mount Arlington, Aug. 26, 2022 (MediaXwire) -To our valued community,

First, hello and thank you as always for your continued trust and support as we work diligently to grow and develop as a business that makes us increasingly proud every day. Second, we have some exciting announcements and updates that we’ve been eager to share with you. But before we do, we want to take a moment to acknowledge our incredible team of innovators at

Our management, programmers, developers, strategizers, admins, and delivery drivers, have worked tirelessly to make Buying’s success possible thus far. Our programming team, led by Utkarsh Kare, has succeeded with flying colors to complete all of our current road map points prior to published dates, and our management team, led by Evelyn Rivera, has implemented structure and processes that keep running with ease and grace, despite the inevitable challenges that come with navigating the early stages of a business. We are proud to say that as of this writing, our team has grown to 110 employees across 7 countries, not counting our thousands of hard-working delivery drivers operating in all 50 US states. Reflecting on this, we want to say an immense and sincere thank you to our entire team.

And with that, let’s take a closer look at Buying’s progress over the past few months, as well as what we have on the horizon.

As mentioned above, we have officially completed all steps of’s current roadmap. As of today, the e-commerce platform is up and running in a beta production test format and will remain in this mode for the next few weeks before major marketing begins. With this comes two amazing features that we’re thrilled to share with you — Social Group Buying and Cash Back Rewards with $BUY token incentives activated for both payment and rewards.

First, Social Group Buying is an innovative feature that we’re proud to offer because it makes bulk pricing available to everyone, not just big businesses with the financial means to meet minimum order quantities. Now, consumers can pool together their funds to purchase products at wholesale prices. This is a powerful opportunity for small businesses to gain a level footing in the competitive e-commerce market.

Another feature on the site is our Cash Back Rewards program. With this, consumers will have the opportunity to purchase products from thousands of stores that have partnered with Buying and receive not only cash back rewards but also $BUY tokens that are matched with many of our partners and affiliates. We are continuously working to grow our relationships with additional online retailers, and we plan for this number to continue to grow in the months to come.

Our next big announcement is that our Mount Arlington, New Jersey facility is up and running 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, with our last mile logistics operations growing daily, now operating in all 50 states plus Canada with on-demand drivers delivering for restaurants and brick and mortar businesses.

We’d also like to announce that we have done a buyback from Trust Swap of 36 million $BUY tokens at Spot Price in cash. We felt this was absolutely necessary in order to ensure that the token community would be stabilized and to ensure that a movement from one holder would not be able to affect the value and stability of the $BUY token with its future growth.

As our products continue to grow and expand, our developers make it a priority to continually improve user experience. With that said, we have completed our Google Chrome Extension for Buying, which is downloadable now and functioning for our token cash-back program.

In addition, we are excited to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Otter, to offer delivery through their point of sale (POS) platform. This relationship will allow us to further improve our delivery services for restaurants and businesses across the country. Otter is a global delivery management service that supports thousands of restaurants around the world while providing best-in-class custom data & analytics. With this partnership, Buying’s national delivery infrastructure will be offered to Otter customers, while in turn, their solutions will be made available to our community.

Buying is also thrilled to announce a partnership with where users will be able to use $BUY tokens to purchase items from major e-commerce hubs such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Home Depot, and more. $BUY will be the first Algorand token to be added to the platform with its use unlocking discounts on hundreds of stores. We are especially excited about this partnership because Shopping is a company that’s truly revolutionizing the way we shop online, bridging the gap between crypto and e-commerce as the first international crypto e-commerce onboarding and fulfillment service.

As we continue to grow we’ll be adding more e-commerce site partners with which the $BUY token will be a usable form of payment. This in turn will strengthen the value and stability of the $BUY token worldwide.

Now, I’d like to take a minute to discuss our current staking program. Early on, we received quite a bit of pressure regarding our decision not to use Yieldy, and to delay our staking until Buying had its own staking platform. As always, we want to make clear that we value the opinions and feedback of our community, and take all of it, along with a plethora of other factors into account when making these types of decisions. All of that said, we are happy to report that as of this writing, the total number of tokens staked has now grown to 270,000,000. We also want to reiterate as we have many times, it was crucial that we not allow anyone to devalue the $BUY token even if it meant delays in its release. Also, as we’re sure you are aware, it is time now to lower the APY. As of September 1st, 2022, $BUY’s APY will be lowered to 21.25%, which is still a healthy and manageable APY for Buying, allowing us to grow and expand exponentially into the future.

We will also be announcing the $BUY token credit card, which will be released in the first quarter of 2023. This will serve to provide a form of payment and rewards within the current ecosystem.

I also want to address any concerns from our community in regards to Buying’s long-term future as a company. Since completing our logistics roadmap, the company’s focus has been placed on evaluating long-term growth opportunities and avenues for expansion. As far as priorities, diversification is at the top of our list. To promote this, our analysts have carefully weighed the $BUY token’s potential for success within varying industry ecosystems, including logistics, technology, and medical. And what we’ve concluded is that of these areas, our largest and most valuable use cases lie within the medical industry. This discovery led us to make a powerful next move in’s growth.

We are excited to announce that has acquired the domain names,, and for 5.5 million dollars. We felt that the acquisition of organic and generic names would be the most speedy and direct approach to the market at this time. We’ve hit the ground running with a designated team hired to design and build these platforms so that no bandwidth will be taken away from the logistics and cash-back rewards side of the business. In addition, a separate sales team is being hired to grow our partners and affiliates within this new division.

All of the medical sites will focus on e-commerce and medical services, as well as last-mile logistics specifically for doctors, patients, and the medical community. These landing pages are already up and running, and in the next 12 months, we plan to launch the first medically driven Algorand blockchain structure for the medical industry. will collaborate with progressive medical platforms that offer healthcare services worldwide while operating as a multi-tiered online ecosystem that offers tele-health solutions with premier directories & medical professionals. This move to partner within the medical industry shows that we are committed to providing our community of investors with use cases that will continue to strengthen the $BUY token’s value and utility. is being designed with a strong database of doctors to cover every corner of medicine, with the current network consisting of thousands of leading medical professionals. The ability to provide access to virtual health care is an opportunity that we as a company don’t take lightly. Our aim is to provide accessible, top-tier health care services across primary care, urgent care, behavioral therapy, physical therapy, and more. We hope that convenience and immediate answers to health concerns will result in improved health for patients everywhere, as access remains the cornerstone of quality care and lowered costs across all populations.

People are waiting longer to see doctors, and it’s not just because of Covid-19. Data published in 2020 by the Association of American Medical Colleges estimates that the United States could see a shortage of up to approximately 140,000 physicians by 2033. That shortfall is expected to span both primary and specialty care fields, and if we’re not able to address the physician shortage, more patients will experience delays of access to primary care, a critical component in improving the health of our communities. As a result, people will resort to using emergency care for more standard medical needs and in turn put a strain on the hospital system. What we aim to do is offer more immediate answers so patients have access to data and can make informed health decisions.

On the platform we will also offer unique features for doctors to enhance the care they offer patients, including virtual therapy and monitoring. We are aiming to change the scope of medical services by creating a platform that allows doctors and patients to interact with one another more quickly, develop more intimate relationships, increase transparency and comfort and gain additional access to professionals and specialists without long-waited appointments and difficult travel commitments. Medical professionals will have a platform with the freedom to change the way medical services are provided.

Our sales teams are in full swing signing medical practitioners and medical centers throughout the world, with the intent to build individual niche networks with substantially high-value resources catering to patients with particular needs. The networks are encouraged to reduce costs and work with each other through insurance barricades that further disrupt treatment opportunities. will be connecting with thousands of doctors and will continue to expand its database with world-class professionals. With tele-health growing at a rapid rate, it’s an ideal time to expand the use cases of the $BUY token beyond consumer goods.

For Buying token holders, the platform will offer tremendous incentives on co-pays, payment for services, exclusive access to programs, and much more. Considering the millions of individuals who need efficient access to medical services and the range of services can provide, $BUY token utility and value is expected to grow. Doctors will accept the token for services and the platform will offer its own insurance coverage incentivized and accepted by our network of doctors.

Here is a breakdown of use case structure and incentives for physicians and patients:

• Access to more patients and opportunities to expand your practice.

• Efficient Billing and reporting systems

• Insurance protection to ensure payment for services

• Platform to collaborate with other specialists and create unique medical solutions

• Schedule management efficiency

• Product development and licensing

• Network enhancement

• Immediate answers to health questions via phone, texts or video from high quality medical professionals anytime, anywhere

• Mental health care and resources on demand

• Diagnosis from United States board-certified Physicians, Internists, Family Doctors, Dermatologists, Psychiatrists, Pediatricians and more…

• Get prescribed medicine from United States Certified Specialists

• Ongoing therapy treatment with convenience

• Additional medical analysis and opinions

• Special product access

We will be rolling out monthly releases on the medical division and will be announcing large partners in the next few weeks so please stay tuned for exciting news.

We also want to assure you that the current market conditions for cryptocurrency are not affecting our direction of buildout and development and that we had no holdings in BTC or ETH. We are proud to say we are the only triple redundancy logistics company operating with a 99.2% successful delivery rate.

Thank you again for your patience and endless support and excitement as we continue to grow, navigate and explore opportunities for the future of Buying!

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CEO- Jeanmarie Gabriel

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