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BookTrib’s Bites: Four More Great Reads to Contemplate

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ONE! The Evolution of Civilization“ONE! The Evolution of Civilization”
by Jay Horowitz

Join the author in his exciting journey while he investigates the history and development of human civilization from early prehistoric human existence through the present and into the future. Explore the great philosophical questions of our very existence: Why? How?  

Review the Human Element and the Wonders of Nature. This book analyzes the origin and future of religion, politics, discrimination, war and peace. Following the exposition and analysis of these controversial topics, we reach our grand conclusion. If we consider Darwin’s “Evolution of the Species” as an explanation of the hardware of the human animal, Horowitz’s book might be an explanation of the software -- two theories that are compatible, complementary and symbiotic.

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Undefined: More Than the Sum of Losses“Undefined: More Than the Sum of Losses”
by Michelle Lee Graham  

The inspiring story of a birth mom who shows true courage in the face of overwhelming tragedy. Teen pregnancy is never easy. But when it is the result of pregnancy through rape, the public shame becomes even more unbearable.  

World-class lifestyle coach Michelle Graham overcame her fear of the unknown and of those shaming her by holding onto her faith in dark times. She weathered the stormy family relationships that accompanied the teen pregnancy and pursued a Christian adoption. Her troubles were far from over, but she committed fully to being the best birth mom she could be. Demonstrates empowerment for women in dealing with the people shaming her through standing up for herself and making the right choices.

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Your Life -- Your Way“Your Life -- Your Way”
by Joy Nugent  

This book speaks to the unique character of each final human journey, enfolding a wide philosophy of care and a comprehensive range of practical measures with which to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those facing terminal illness. It contains a wealth of wisdom and guidance for those experiencing the last phase of life and for those professionals privileged to be members of their caring team.  

Conquering the fear of death and being an active participant in all of life has wide-ranging benefits for humanity. A remarkable compendium by the author reflecting the authority of half a lifetime’s active, professional presence at the bedside of dying persons, bringing comfort, support and new confidence to patients, families and carers.

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Whole Body Prayer: The Life-Changing Power of Self-Healing“Whole Body Prayer: The Life-Changing Power of Self-Healing”
by Yan Ming Li  

“The same energy that created stars and galaxies lies dormant within your belly.”  

So begins Master Yan Ming Li's spellbinding memoir recounting the challenges of growing up as a spiritually gifted child in a land where exploration of the unseen realms was forbidden. Like a Chinese Harry Potter, Li found solace in a mysterious and powerful force he called the Light.  

But this is not a work of fiction. It’s a true story. In the pages of this book, we learn how we can gain access to this benevolent, healing and boundless Light. The book is a meditation and healing technique developed by Li that returns us to “original spirituality” by combining ancient practices from the world’s major religions.

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