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Talisman Brings Alternative Insurance To US Business Owners

Carson City, Nevada -

Talisman Casualty Insurance Company is recommending that businesses of all sizes take a look at the company’s various specialty programs. While the firm’s approach to insurance can be applied to businesses of any size, they explain that small and medium-sized entities may have the most to gain by utilizing the cell captive model.

“Since we first started working with clients,” the firm states, “we have operated under the belief that every business deserves a fair shot at success. Unfortunately, there are many unnecessary obstacles standing in the way of a new business and its ultimate goal of longevity in the market, and one of the major challenges is the inability to absorb setbacks. Today, our market allows businesses to insure themselves, but what happens when even insurers refuse to work with you because they consider your business too risky? You come to us.”

Talisman Casualty Insurance Company’s reinsurance services seek to address the void left by conventional insurers, giving businesses more flexibility to operate without the constant pressure of losing everything to a catastrophic loss. As such, the firm’s primary offer is to help clients establish a cell captive — essentially allowing a business to manage and control its own risk.

Such a system requires a great deal of support to function adequately, the firm notes and few businesses are equipped to do so. Talisman Insurance will assist clients as much as they need, whether that involves establishing the cell and then managing it full-time or stepping back at some point to allow the client’s own team to take over.

Today, the firm offers several programs, each of which is designed to address specific requirements. They offer a Marine Program, Surety Program, Cannabis GL coverage and bonds, and Pet Professional Business Small Business GL. Each is also fairly self-explanatory, but clients are welcome to consult with the Talisman Casualty Insurance Company team if they remain unsure which would most benefit their business (such as in cases with significant overlap).

Clients have little but positive comments to share about the firm and the work they do. One says, “In spite of the fact that I have seldom needed their assistance with their claims management service over the last two years, their staff has always been prompt, helpful, and a genuine pleasure to work with. There has never been so much as a lost form, or careless admin mistake.”

Another note that the firm’s ability to provide a more customized service ensured their business was able to flourish in a demanding environment. Their statement reads, “With the type of business we work in, we need specialized insurance. Many other companies could not provide all of the coverage we needed. Once I started working with Talisman, they blew my expectations away. They were able to provide packaged policies so that my business is fully covered from any risks. They are incredible, positive, and always helpful.”

Given the industry they work in, Talisman Casualty Insurance Company often has to field questions regarding cell captive insurance and what it is capable of. While it is possible to gain an idea via online resources, the firm advises business owners to get in touch with their team to explore further, especially with regard to its application in their respective operations.

Talisman Casualty Insurance Company is considered by many to be a leader in the field. Despite being headquartered in the state of Nevada, they are able to offer clients access to global reinsurance and alternative risk finance markets through admission to the cell. Notably, all coverage provided by Talisman is commercial and is only available to those businesses who participate in an underwriting cell.

The firm is eager to help businesses across the US take charge of their own risk and boldly move forward without being shackled by outrageous or inflexible premiums. The team understands that every business is looking for opportunities to expand, and they are ready to offer their expertise to pursue this goal. Any inquiries regarding cell captive insurance, or any other aspect of the firm’s services may be directed to the Talisman Casualty Insurance Company office. Learn more about Talisman Casualty Suit strategies.


For more information about Talisman Casualty Insurance Company, contact the company here:

Talisman Casualty Insurance Company
7881 W. Charleston Blvd, Suite 210 Las Vegas, NV 89117

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