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What is CHAI AI’s Chaiverse?

This article provides a deep dive into the Chaiverse mechanism, how it works, and its implications for users

(PRUnderground) February 17th, 2024

A lot of Chai users have been asking the question, “What is Chaiverse?” a feature currently obscurely advertised by the Chai developers. With a recent valuation of $450M, the Chai AI team has been pouring their funding into the development of Chaiverse, with the aim of connecting world-class Large Language Model (LLM) developers directly to millions of Chat AI consumers, offering each user a tailor-made combination of LLMs. This article provides a deep dive into the Chaiverse mechanism, how it works, and its implications for users.

Chaiverse – The Developer to Consumer Ecosystem

One major product that sets Chai AI apart from others is its developer-centric approach. Unlike other Generative AI products, which typically offer models developed in-house, Chai AI has recently introduced their model developer platform, Chaiverse. This platform enables the Large-Language-Model Developer community to train, submit, and test their models with real-world users in a consumer setting. According to the Chaiverse white paper, their mission is to accelerate the advent of AGI through massively distributed collaboration, or crowdsourcing. Chai AI’s research team purport to be lazer-focussed on exploring what makes each Large Language Model (LLM) unique and to improve person-to-LLM recommendations.

The operation of Chai AI’s ecosystem is quite straightforward. Developers can easily upload their language models using the chaiverse pip package. Once submitted, these models are optimized for rapid inference and hosted on a dedicated GPU cluster for enhanced efficiency. After the model is operational, users of the Chai App can engage with it through arena mode, providing immediate numerical and textual feedback to developers.

This feedback, along with the ranking of a developer’s model on the public leaderboard, can be accessed through the chaiverse package. Cash prizes are awarded based on the developers’ standings in the competition, incentivizing them to strive for innovation and excellence in their model submissions. Winners are frequently announced both on Chai AI’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.

How does Chaiverse affect Chai App Users?

While the Chai AI team is quite secretive about how it will be integrating Chaiverse into its consumer-facing Chai App, we have gained some insights into how this will be achieved through Chai’s white paper on Chaiverse. In Chai’s white paper, they claim to have been implementing an LLM controller, routing each message input (conversation tree) to an LLM that is well-placed at generating a response specifically for the given conversation tree.

This approach offers multiple advantages:

  • Lower training costs: Training small-size models is accessible to a wider range of developers. Indeed, it is well known that training large-parameter LLMs is a prohibitively expensive task, and as a result is inaccessible to most machine learners.
  • Lower inference costs: The inference cost of a multitude of small expert models is lower than that of a single large model.
  • Higher iteration speed: Small models can be trained and deployed much faster than large ones, allowing for much shorter feedback loops and higher iteration speed.

Early results are promising: A carefully optimized mixture of 7B models has outperformed OpenAI’s GPT-3.5. Over a four-month period, their in-house LLMs have achieved a 20% day-30 engagement improvement, compared with the GPT-3.5 model. However, when the top models from the Chaiverse LLM competition were combined, day-30 engagement levels were elevated by 40% from the in-house models, marking a 68% total increase over GPT-3.5.

We have also obtained verbal confirmation from the Chai AI developers that on the 21st of February, all existing and new users will have the option to upgrade their chat engine to Chaiverse v0.0.1 and the developers promise to deliver a much more compelling AI which users love.

How do I Join Chaiverse As A Developer?

To join Chaiverse, one simply needs to join the Chaiverse Discord. A bot called “Chai AI” will greet you with a unique developer key. One also needs to download the Chaiverse pip package and use the developer key to submit models directly to users for real-world testing.

Chaiverse is currently said to be in beta mode. The Chai developers refer to each iteration of the Chaiverse product as a “season.” Externally, this is seen as a phase of the competition, where each season introduces a new target metric for developers to optimize towards. Since its launch, Chaiverse has received well over 10,000 unique model submissions, serving a range of model architectures such as LLaMa, Mistral, and Yi. Chaiverse has paid out to developers a total sum of $152,000 USD and promises to pay out $1 million USD before transitioning towards a direct monetization scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I join Chaiverse?

A: You can find the link to Chaiverse discord server through the official Chaiverse website You will also need to have deep knowledge of Large Language Models and Python. The Chaiverse pip package can be installed via the command pip install chaiverse.

Q: What is Chaiverse?

A: Chaiverse is a platform developed by Chai AI that allows the Large-Language-Model Developer community to train, submit, and test their models with real-world users in a consumer setting, aiming to accelerate the development of AGI through crowdsourcing.

Q: What is the message limit on Chai?

A: The Chai app is free for everyone to use, but there is a message limit for unsubscribed users. These users can send up to 70 messages every 3 hours. This limit is designed to ensure a balanced and accessible experience for all users, while also encouraging those who frequently use the app to consider subscribing for unlimited access.

Q: Is the Chai App free?

A: Yes, the Chai App is free to download and use. However, it operates on a freemium model, where basic features are available for free, but users have the option to subscribe for enhanced features and access, such as an increased message limit beyond the free tier’s restrictions.

Q: Does Chai allow NSFW

A: Developers submit Large Language Models (LLMs) to Chai through Chaiverse. Chai has relaxed content moderation policies and allows users to submit any LLM they want so long as it passes Chai’s proprietary Safety Evaluation. Some of the user generated LLM’s may be NSFW, but the vast majority are Safe for Work. More community information on this matter can be found in Chai AI’s Reddit.

Q: What AI Platform has no censorship?

A: Chai AI, as a user-centric platform that emphasizes the power of User Generated Content (UGC) within its generative AI ecosystem, adopts a policy that minimally censors content. This approach allows for a broad spectrum of user interactions and expressions, reflecting the platform’s commitment to fostering a diverse and dynamic environment.

Q: Is the Chai App actually bots?

A: Yes, the Chai App primarily features interactions with AI-driven bots, trained to mimic human-like conversations and behaviors. This is a core aspect of Chai’s innovative approach, where the platform encourages developers within the Chaiverse ecosystem to refine and optimize their AI models for consumers.

Q: How many people use Chai AI?

A: As one of the leading platforms for conversational generative AI, Chai AI has garnered significant user engagement, positioning itself just behind Character AI in terms of popularity. By 2023, Chai AI reported an impressive daily active user (DAU) count of 700,000, with monthly active users (MAU) ranging between 4 to 5 million.

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