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What Makes Commercial Windows Different From Residential Ones?

What Makes Commercial Windows Different From Residential Ones?Photo from Unsplash

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There were over 56,900 glaziers (window workers) in the U.S. in 2021. So you can find a glazier should you need one or more. These workers fix and install windows and window-like fixtures (glass doors, etc.) in a variety of buildings.

However, even if you find the best glaziers in the area, you can still end up with ineffective windows for your building type. This often happens because clients will think that residential windows can be commercial windows and vice versa. This isn’t true.

There are quite a few differences between the features of residential and commercial windows. Read on to learn about these differences.

Differences in Size

Commercial windows tend to be larger than residential windows. The rooms in commercial buildings tend to need more light than rooms in residential buildings. This has to do with the size of the rooms in commercial buildings compared to those in residential buildings.

What do you picture when asked to picture a room in a corporate office building? You’ll likely picture a sprawling sea of cubicles. All of that space needs natural light that only large quantities of commercial glass can let in.

Residential Window Sizes

In contrast, residential rooms tend to be far smaller and cozier. Smaller residential windows do an effective enough job of filling these rooms with light. Larger windows in spaces like these may even be too overwhelming for the home’s residents.

There are residential spaces with larger, more elaborate rooms that need larger windows. However, these types of homes aren’t as common.

Differences in Design

Commercial windows are more likely to be clear, simple panels of glass. This often fits well with the toned-down modern decor of most commercial buildings. It’s also cheaper for companies to fill their large windows with plain glass.

Storefront glass may be an exception to this at times. Store owners may want to order glass that’s slightly more decorative. This can enhance the appearance of their businesses.

Residential Window Designs

The case is different for residential windows. Residential buildings have a variety of decors. Homes can have a modern style, cottage style, art deco style, etc.

Homeowners and/or contractors usually install windows that match these decors. Residential glass manufacturers have created a wide variety of sizes, shapes, etc. These fulfill all of their needs.

Differences in Strength

Both commercial and residential glass can be tempered, laminated, etc. Stronger glass can prevent either property from being burglarized. It can also protect the buildings from the damage that strong storms can cause.

However, office buildings are more vulnerable to the effects of a storm. They’re usually very tall. This makes them an easy target for the debris that can fly around in a storm.

Debris can bounce off the tempered glass. Laminated glass still shatters, but the shards don’t go flying. This protects the occupants of the building.

Residential Window Strength

Another thing to consider is the cost of extra-strong windows. Homeowners likely won’t have the funds to install stronger windows. They’d also have to pay for window replacement services.

Commercial businesses, especially large ones, can more easily afford stronger glass. This makes them more likely to install it on their buildings.

Differences in Tinting

Tinting is a film that glaziers can apply to windows. It can let less light into a building. This will prevent heat from warming a building and UV rays from fading furnishings.

The height of commercial buildings makes them more vulnerable to sunlight. So tinting is another essential commercial window feature. It keeps the building interior looking great and the employees comfortable and productive.

Residential Window Tinting

Tinting offers homes the same benefits. But again, homeowners are less likely to be able to afford it. If they can afford it, there’s a far greater variety of home tinting they can choose from.

They may get tinting installed if it saves them enough money. Tinting keeps a home cool. This will save homeowners the energy cost of cranking the AC.

Differences in Installation

Commercial glass is often more difficult to install than residential glass. Part of this has to do with the large size of commercial windows. Large windows are harder for glaziers to carry and maneuver around.

Commercial glass is also often customized. Businesses often use custom glass to prominently display their branding.

However, custom windows can complicate the installation process. Glaziers may need specialized skills and equipment to install windows that are different than normal.

Residential Window Installation

Residential windows are less likely to be custom. This is partly because of the cost and partly because of necessity. Homeowners usually only need custom windows if other window options don’t match their preferred decor.

So home windows tend to be standard options. They’re also smaller. This simplifies the window installation work.

Differences in Cost

As mentioned, commercial windows tend to be large, strong, and custom. They also tend to have window tinting. All of these factors raise the average price of the windows.

But commercial businesses pay these prices for good reasons. They need to keep their buildings well-lit, safe, comfortable, and representative of their brands.

Residential Window Cost

Residential windows don’t need all these special features. So they’ll be smaller, weaker, and more standard. This makes them cheaper.

This is good for homeowners that can’t afford these special features. Ones that can, though, can still gain several benefits.

We’ll Install Your Residential or Commercial Windows in Illinois

In general, when choosing your residential or commercial windows, think hard. Consider what your building needs. This should lead you to success.

When you’ve decided on your windows, check out our services. We offer roof, siding, and window services in Champaign, Danville, and other Illinois cities. Get a free estimate for our services by filling in your information on this page.

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