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13 Mordhau Tips and Tricks for Beginners

13 Mordhau Tips and Tricks for BeginnersPhoto from Unsplash

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The gaming industry is booming, with an estimated 3 million people playing video games globally. By 2025, the PC gaming sector is expected to amass $46.7 billion.

Online gaming can be a great pastime, side hustle, or full-time career. With so many games on the market, there is quite literally something for every gaming setup. If you’re new to gaming, you may only be playing one or two games while you get the hang of it. But how do you avoid getting your buttocks handed to you?

If you’re playing the epic, medieval hack ‘n slash game Mordhau, you may fall prey to more experienced players. If that’s your situation, keep reading because here is a bounty of tips and tricks to up your game.

1. Don’t Skip the Tutorial

With these games, many people prefer to skip the tutorial and jump straight in, especially if they’ve played similar games. However, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you missed the tutorial when starting Mordhau. Instead, it’s a quick way to learn valuable tips and tricks, allowing you to understand the controls needed for combat.

So, heed our advice and take advantage of the tutorial. And if you aren’t yet convinced, you also gain a cool 2500 gold on completion.

2. Practice on Duel Gaming Servers

In Mordhau, there are six official game modes plus one bonus, an unofficial mode, which is the one we’re discussing here: duel servers. Mordhau can have up to 80 players in the game simultaneously, so you can (and will) find yourself overwhelmed if you try to learn in that melee.

Instead, go to the custom servers for a 1v1 duel with another player (search “Duel” to find them). In these servers, you get to battle one on one with someone else unobstructed. This allows you to learn from their moves and practice your own without distractions. Once you’ve spent some time dueling, you’ll know what to improve before hitting the main arena.

3. Loot Loot Loot (And Loot Some More)

If you’ve played similar games, you’ll know that looting fallen enemies is a great way to build your weapon collection. However, if you’re new to the game, you won’t yet know how each weapon reacts; looting bodies allows you to gather and try a range of weapons.

Additionally, raiding corpses is a sneaky (and somewhat easy) way of finding expensive weapons that are out of your price budget.

4. Make Like a Goat and Feint

When you’re fighting to win a battle, feinting can be an effective tactic if done correctly. Essentially, feinting is a way of making your opponent believe you’re about to attack.

If done correctly, their response should be a parry, leaving them vulnerable as they recover. While they’re helpless, now is the time for you to strike in an actual attack.

  • Pro Tip: Your opponent is more likely to parry if you time your feint to the last feasible moment

5. Learn to Parry Properly

Now that you know about the feinting tactic practicing your parry is worthwhile. It may take a bit of time, but eventually, you want to be able to parry right before your opponent’s weapon reaches you. By leaving your parry until the last second, you are less at risk of being tricked by a feint.

By learning how to parry, you can take advantage of the time your opponent needs to recover stamina from their feint. Remember, you can practice your moves in the Duel Servers in a 1v1 match before joining the main arena.

6. Watch Your Stamina

It goes without saying if your opponent can lose stamina in a fight, so can you. To avoid this, you want to keep an eye on your stamina level so you don’t run out at a critical moment. All movements (except stabbing and slashing) and any attack you miss will deplete your stamina.

Once your stamina has been depleted, you need to recover. During this time, you’re vulnerable to attacks. If you’re attacked, you drop your weapon, leaving you with nothing to defend yourself. Therefore, plan your attacks carefully and try to avoid draining your stamina quicker than you need.

7. Learn Combos… and Use Them

Like many fighting games, there is the ability to work up combo attacks that deal more damage. However, it’s important to remember that combos use more stamina than regular attacks, so plan your combo wisely. To begin a combo move, begin an attack while another is already in progress.

To perform a combo, you need to alternate your attacks. For example, if you begin with a right-to-left slash, your next move will be left-to-right. Follow this rule to be successful in your combos.

  • Pro Tip: If you miss more than one consecutive combo, the amount of stamina taken increases dramatically

8. Know Your Horses for Jousting Success

One of the best elements of Mordhau is the ability to go into battle on horseback (something we’re sorely missing in Valheim). Jousting can occur in the main arena as critical engagements or be battled in a 1v1 on a Duel server. You aim to knock your opponent off their horse, avoiding this fate for yourself.

One tactic is to reach maximum speed before attacking the other player, so you strike first. Because of this, if you choose a lighter horse, you’ll accelerate faster than someone on a heavier horse.

  • Pro Tip: Beware of the extra length of the lance vs. the polearm when being attacked

9. Protect You Noggen

If you roller-skated as a child, your mom’s words will come echoing back: wear your helmet! It turns out our moms were right! In Mordhau, you want to avoid going into a battle area without head protection of some sort. Your enemies will look for any weak point in your defense, and an unprotected head is a prime target.

So, learn this trick early on and always wear your helmet. But, of course, anyone else without theirs is fair game.

10. Understand the Perks System

Another element of Mordhau gameplay is the ability to customize your character with perks. You can do this from the Amory tab off the main menu. Currently, there are 19 perks available to choose from, which include the following:

  • Acrobat
  • Brawler
  • Cat
  • Fireproof
  • Fury
  • Friendly
  • Dodge
  • Bloodlust

Some are more useful than others, so you want to choose wisely. You get 16 points per loadout, and perks can cost one or several points each. For example, Bloodlust costs 5 points.

11. Know Your Opponent

While knowing your character inside and out is essential, it’s also wise to know your opponent and how they move. This is especially true if you’re battling several enemies simultaneously. You can also use special attacks to help you win your battle. However, you want to be careful how you use your special attacks (friendly fire is off, and you can even kill yourself). Choose your special attacks wisely and on the right target.

12. Don’t Discount Dodging

Knowing when to dodge and when not can go a long way to keeping you alive. When fighting many enemies, learning how to avoid their attacks is critical because you may get attacked by ranged and melee weapons. If you’re utilizing your dodge correctly, you should be able to attack an enemy while avoiding any ranged attacks.

Be careful of other players queuing their attacks, and plan your defense accordingly. Then, use your queuing to block their attacks.

12. Use a Shield

Increasing your defenses is one way to stay alive during combat. One way to achieve this is to utilize a shield. If you’re using a one-handed weapon, wielding a shield will be no big deal; however, you can even use one if you’re fighting with a two-handed weapon.

In this case, when you pick up a shield, it’ll automatically be placed on your back, adding an extra layer of protection in combat.

13. Try the Pre-Made Characters First

Our final tip for new Mordhau players is to use the ready-made characters before diving in and creating your unique character. The benefit of using pre-made characters is getting a feel for the game and trying out the available classes. Once you know, all that’s available; you’ll be able to create your loadout with more skill.

Using the ready-made characters also helps you save your gold and accumulate more points. You can then spend when you create your official character.

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