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41 Best Modeling Agencies in New York

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41 Best Modeling Agencies in New York


Becoming a model in New York starts with one step in the right direction. Here are the best modeling agencies in New York, and the best ways to contact them.

List of 40 Modeling Agencies in NYC

New York City is a bustling hub for fashion and modeling, offering countless opportunities for aspiring models to launch their careers. The city is home to some of the most prestigious modeling agencies globally, each providing unique pathways into the fashion world.

Whether you are exploring how to become a model or looking to take your modeling career to the next level, understanding which agencies are best suited for your aspirations is crucial. This guide will help you navigate the top 41 modeling agencies in New York to give you a solid foundation to begin or advance your modeling journey.

1. IMG Models

IMG Models stands as a dominant force in the global fashion industry. They manage diverse talent, including celebrated names like Gigi and Bella Hadid.

The agency is acclaimed for its forward-thinking tactics in model scouting, particularly its use of social media channels to discover and recruit new talent. Their innovative strategies extend to fostering models’ careers across traditional and digital media platforms.

They also provide extensive international exposure and high-profile opportunities for their models. IMG prides itself on maintaining strong relationships with industry-leading brands and fashion magazines.

Aspiring models can apply to be scouted by IMG Models through their online platform.

2. Wilhelmina Models

With a comprehensive portfolio of fashion, fitness, and music, Wilhelmina Models is one of the industry’s most well-rounded agencies.

They are recognized for their detailed and effective management style, which supports models across various career aspects. This ensures they receive opportunities in multiple sectors of the entertainment industry.

Wilhelmina fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion within its ranks and seeks fresh faces from all backgrounds. The agency’s global network provides significant international exposure to its models.

Interested individuals can start their journey with Wilhelmina by filling out the model application form at Becoming a Model – Wilhelmina.

3. Ford Models

Ford Models is an iconic name in the modeling world and a leader in fashion. They bring some of the world’s most famous faces to the forefront of the industry.

Ford Models is known for its rigorous management and development of models. Their team promotes its models globally in high-profile fashion shows and advertising campaigns.

Ford has a reputation for pioneering and innovation in the modeling industry. Their commitment to professionalism and high standards keeps them at the forefront of fashion trends.

Prospective models can submit their details online to get Scouted by Ford Models.

4. NEXT Management

NEXT Management works with a high-profile roster of models and connects them with luxury brands worldwide. Their strategic approach to career management helps build sustainable and prosperous careers in the fast-paced fashion industry.

NEXT is dedicated to developing the next generation of modeling talent by offering personalized attention to cultivate each model’s unique potential. They emphasize a holistic career-building approach that encompasses personal and professional development.

Models looking to join NEXT Management can visit their recruitment page for instructions on how to apply.

5. Elite Model Management

Elite Model Management is renowned for its global influence and success in guiding the careers of some of the world’s top supermodels. Their extensive network and strong connections within the high fashion industry provide unparalleled opportunities for their models.

Elite also provides its models with access to world-class photographers and prestigious international fashion events. They promote diversity and inclusion within their roster and the broader fashion community.

Aspiring models can apply through Elite’s dedicated application page.

6. The Lions

The Lions is a boutique modeling agency prioritizing personalized management and career development for its high-end talent roster. The Lions aims to align their models with long-term success and strategic brand partnerships.

The agency is known for its commitment to integrity and ethical management. Additionally, The Lions regularly collaborates with major fashion brands and luxury advertisers to secure exclusive contracts for their models.

For more about their philosophy and to get in touch, visit The Lions About Page.

7. DNA Model Management

DNA Model Management is celebrated for its selective approach. Its dedication is maintaining a close-knit roster by ensuring personalized attention to each model’s career. This focus allows DNA to cultivate and manage careers in a way that respects each model’s individual needs and potential.

DNA is also recognized for its strategic career planning and long-term development programs, which prepare models for various career stages. These programs emphasize sustainability in the fashion industry through various eco-conscious initiatives.

Models interested in being considered by DNA can visit the DNA Model submissions page.

8. VNY Models

Specializing in high fashion and runway, VNY Models is a boutique agency committed to nurturing long-term careers with a personal touch. They focus on developing a deep connection with their talent by fostering growth and success in the competitive fashion industry.

VNY is particularly noted for its hands-on approach to developing new faces and guiding them through the complexities of the fashion world. Its management style is tailored to enhance each model’s unique attributes.

Aspiring models can learn how to join VNY by visiting Become a VNY Model on the website.

9. Major Model Management

Major Model Management focuses on innovation and diversity by nurturing talent across various fashion niches. It is known for its forward-thinking approach and commitment to promoting a diverse range of models in appearance and background.

The agency seeks out new and unconventional beauty worldwide by ensuring fresh and varied talent for the industry. It also engages with global fashion brands and facilitates high-profile opportunities for its models.

To become a model with Major, visit their application page.

10. Muse Model Management

Muse Model Management stands out for its progressive approach to model management, which focuses on personal development and professional growth. Muse supports its models with the tools they need to succeed on and off the runway.

They emphasize career longevity and provide models with skills beyond traditional modeling, including personal branding and media training. Muse is also dedicated to maintaining an ethical and transparent business model that prioritizes the well-being of its talent.

For contact details and more information, visit Muse Model Management’s contact page.

11. Fusion Models

Based in Brooklyn, Fusion Models is a boutique agency renowned for its unique blend of edgy models and artistic photo shoots. Despite its smaller size, Fusion wields significant influence in the fashion world. It’s mainly known for its innovative and creative approach.

Fusion Models collaborate with designers and artists to push the boundaries of traditional fashion imagery. Their commitment to artistic integrity attracts creative talents seeking a more personalized agency experience.

For more information or to get in touch, visit Fusion Models Contact.

12. Click Model Management

Click Model Management offers various talents, from high-fashion models to commercial faces and influencers. They provide comprehensive career management services by helping their models succeed across multiple platforms and media.

The agency prides itself on adapting to changes in the industry. They employ innovative strategies to market their models.

Click also places a strong emphasis on personal development to ensure its models receive the guidance needed to navigate their careers.

Aspiring models interested in Click can find out how to apply at Click Model Management.

13. Q Management

As a boutique agency, Q Management focuses on discovering new faces and nurturing their development with a personalized approach. They pride themselves on their ability to manage and support the careers of their models.

To become a model with Q Management, visit their application page.

14. One Management

One Management skillfully integrates fashion modeling with opportunities in music and film by providing its models with cross-industry exposure. They are committed to managing various talents and fostering their growth in various entertainment sectors.

Models can apply through the agency’s submission page.

15. Heroes Model Management

Heroes Model Management redefines beauty standards by focusing on individuality and character. The agency is at the forefront of promoting diversity and uniqueness, setting new benchmarks in the modeling industry.

To join Heroes Model Management, visit their scouting page.

16. Supreme Management

Supreme Management is a high-fashion agency with an exclusive roster including some of the most notable faces in the industry. Renowned for its selective representation, Supreme is committed to maintaining a dynamic and prestigious list of models by helping to cultivate their careers at the upper echelons of fashion.

Aspiring models can learn how to apply to Supreme Management via their website.

17. Zarzar Models

Zarzar Models is recognized for its specialization in high fashion and runway modeling. This agency collaborates closely with top fashion magazines and designers. It promotes models who can embody high-end fashion labels’ artistic vision.

Models looking to join Zarzar Models can learn more about the submission process on the website.

18. Red Model Management

Known for its vibrant and diverse roster, Red Model Management emphasizes diversity within the fashion industry. The agency is committed to representing models from various backgrounds. It helps to bring a wide range of beauty and style to the forefront of fashion.

For direct inquiries, visit their physical location at 450 W 31st St Floor 9, New York, NY 10001, or call them at (212) 785-1999.

19. Society Model Management

Society Model Management is an elite agency catering to some of the world’s top fashion talents and emerging faces in the industry. Known for its strategic management and development of models, Society Model Management focuses on propelling their careers on international platforms.

Aspiring models can learn how to apply to Society Model Management via their website.

20. APM Model Management

APM Model Management is respected for its effective development of commercial and editorial models. APM prioritizes nurturing diverse talents and preparing them for success in various modeling markets.

For more information or to visit, APM Model Management is located at 53 W 36th St. #602, New York, NY 10018. They open at 9 AM on Mondays and can be contacted at (212) 941-9666.

21. JAG Models

JAG Models was founded on the principle of inclusivity and is committed to representing models of all sizes. The agency is dedicated to challenging traditional beauty norms and advocating for diversity within the fashion industry.

Models interested in joining JAG can submit their information through their online form.

22. Model Club Inc.

Model Club Inc. specializes in representing child and teen models. The agency focuses on nurturing young talent and provides guidance and support to help them start and develop their modeling careers.

Parents and young models can learn how to start with Model Club Inc. on the website.

23. New York Model Management

New York Model Management provides a dynamic and professional approach to model management. The agency boasts a friendly environment that fosters growth and career development for its models.

New York Model Management provides personalized support to each of its models by helping them navigate the complexities of the fashion industry. Additionally, New York Model Management has a diverse roster of models representing various backgrounds and aesthetics.

For more information on joining their roster, visit New York Model Management.

24. Nomad Management

Nomad Management is a global agency recognized for its personalized approach to managing top modeling talent. They connect models to opportunities across international markets by focusing on nurturing their careers with a dedicated and tailored management style.

Aspiring models interested in joining Nomad Management can apply through their website.

25. Parts Models

Specializing in parts modeling, Parts Models represents talent for specific body parts, such as hands, legs, and beauty shots. This niche focus allows them to cater to specialized segments of the fashion and advertising industries requiring specific looks or features.

Their expertise in this area makes them a top choice for clients seeking high-quality parts modeling for their projects. Additionally, Parts Models ensures their models receive proper training and guidance to excel in this unique area of the industry.

Models specializing in parts modeling can find application details on the website.

26. Silver Model Management

Silver Model Management focuses on fitness and athletic modeling by aligning its roster with sports and lifestyle brands. The agency promotes models who embody active and healthy lifestyles. This makes them ideal for fitness campaigns and sports-related modeling work.

For more information or to get in touch, visit Silver Model Management at 45 W 29th St, 4th floor, New York, NY 10001. They are open from 10 AM on Mondays and can be reached by phone at (212) 966-1717.

27. The Industry Model Management

The Industry Model Management is recognized for its boutique approach, which allows for a more personalized and intensive focus on career management and development for their models. This agency nurtures and promotes talent in a way that emphasizes individual strengths and career goals.

Aspiring models looking to join The Industry Model Management can find more information and submit their applications on their website.

28. Women Management

Women Management empowers female models and is at the forefront of challenging and expanding traditional beauty standards within the industry. With a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, Women Management strives to represent and elevate women in fashion worldwide.

Models interested in representation by Women Management can apply on their website.

29. Fenton Model Management

Fenton Model Management excels in providing personalized management services. It helps models develop their unique brands and thrive in highly competitive markets. This agency is noted for its focused approach to fostering long-term careers by collaborating with its models to enhance their visibility and success.

Aspiring models interested in joining Fenton Model Management can learn more and submit their details on their website.

30. TOWN Models

TOWN provides a modern and edgy approach. It represents some of the most distinctive faces in the fashion industry today. They pride itself on its ability to discover and nurture talent that stands out for its uniqueness and aligns with contemporary trends.

31. Future Faces NYC

Future Faces NYC is renowned for its focus on representing and managing child and teen models. With a solid commitment to nurturing young talent, the agency provides comprehensive guidance to help aspiring young models thrive in the fashion industry.

Young models and their guardians can learn more about the agency and how to apply at Future Faces NYC.

32. Ikon Model Management

Ikon Model Management promotes a diverse range of models and provides a supportive and dynamic approach. This agency strives to represent models who can adapt to various aspects of the fashion industry, from runway to commercial work.

Models interested in joining Ikon Model Management can find application information on their website.

33. Generation Model Management

Generation Model Management specializes in child and teen models. It focuses on nurturing their young talent with integrity and professionalism. The agency is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for its models to grow in their careers.

For more information on how to join, visit Generation Model Management.

34. Nina Lubarda Model Management

Nina Lubarda Model Management focuses on a fast-track approach to building careers in high fashion and advertising. Known for its strategic development and placement, this agency ensures its models receive exposure to top-tier clients and brands.

Learn more about the agency and how to apply at Nina Lubarda Model Management.

35. Exxcel Model & Talent, Inc.

Exxcel Model & Talent, Inc. is committed to providing opportunities for models and talent across various industries, including fashion, film, and commercials.

The agency prides itself on its ethical approach and dedication to nurturing new and experienced talent through professional growth and opportunities.

Models can apply to be scouted by Exxcel through their online platform.

36. Boon Models

Boon Models focuses on versatility by offering services ranging from commercial modeling to fashion shows and glamour photography. They are known for their commitment to providing their models with high-quality opportunities, fostering growth and exposure in various aspects of the modeling and fashion industries.

To get in touch with Boon Models, call (202) 217-1221 or visit them at their New York office located at 1441 Broadway Suite #3157, New York, NY 10018.

37. Marilyn Modeling Agency

Marilyn Modeling Agency is a prestigious name in the fashion industry. It’s renowned for representing some of the world’s most iconic faces. The agency focuses on high fashion and has a reputation for its rigorous management and development of models, helping them achieve international success.

Marilyn Modeling Agency continually scouts for unique talents worldwide to maintain its high standards and prestigious reputation. They offer extensive support and exposure, ensuring their models work with top-tier fashion brands and publications.

Models interested in joining Marilyn Modeling Agency can apply through their online portal.

38. Celeste Model Management

Celeste Model Management provides a dynamic approach to the modeling industry, which focuses on fostering the careers of both emerging and established models. With a commitment to personalized management, Celeste aims to tailor its support to match the unique needs and goals of each model it represents.

The agency invests in the latest industry trends and technologies to ensure its models receive state-of-the-art representation. Celeste also prioritizes the health and well-being of its models, offering resources and guidance for maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

You can visit their contact page for more information on Celeste Model Management or to discuss potential representation.

39. FFT Models

FFT Models is known for its innovative approach to model representation, catering to a diverse range of looks and styles. The agency discovers new talent and provides them with the tools and opportunities needed to succeed in various aspects of the modeling industry.

FFT Models is active in community engagement and professional development. They help models build networks and skills that extend beyond traditional modeling paths.

FFT Models also emphasize the importance of digital presence, which helps models establish a solid personal brand online.

Models interested in FFT Models can learn more about joining the agency by visiting its application page.

40. True Model Management

True Model Management prides itself on its ethical approach and focus on beauty in all forms. It represents a diverse array of models and is dedicated to authenticity and honesty in its management practices.

True Model Management works closely with advocacy groups to promote inclusivity and diversity within the fashion industry. The agency also offers career coaching and financial planning services to support the long-term success of its models.

If you want to join True Model Management, find their application form here.

41. Latitude Talent

At Latitude Talent, they connect aspiring models to over 350+ modeling and talent agencies worldwide. Whether you’re learning how to become a model or looking to expand your career, Latitude offers a commission-free environment, access to casting calls, and development workshops to help you succeed. Apply here.

How to Become a Model in New York

Becoming a model in New York requires more than just good looks. It demands perseverance, professionalism, and a strategic approach to career development. Here are some essential steps.

Build a Professional Modeling Portfolio

A professional modeling portfolio is your key tool in the modeling industry, as it acts much like a resume does in other professions. It should be a comprehensive display of your ability to adapt to various modeling genres and styles and showcase your photogenic qualities and versatility. Spending a ton of money on photographs, or sending deposits over the phone to strangers is not how you do it. Here’s how to optimize your portfolio:

Variety is Key

Ensure your portfolio includes a diverse range of photos. Include headshots to capture your facial features, full-body shots to show your physique, and action shots to demonstrate your ability to express motion and emotion. This variety helps casting agents see your adaptability to different modeling scenarios.

Quality Over Quantity

Each photo should be of the highest quality. Invest in a professional photographer who can capture you in the best light and settings.

High-quality images stand out in clarity and professionalism, which makes a strong impression on agencies and clients.

Update Regularly

Keep your modeling portfolio fresh by updating it with your latest work. This shows you are active in the industry and demonstrates your growth as a model.

Sign With a Reputable Agency

Signing up with a reputable modeling agency can provide significant leverage in your modeling career. These agencies offer support, industry knowledge, and access to a network that might be inaccessible otherwise.

Research Agencies

It is important to research and target agencies aligning with your career goals. Different agencies specialize in various types of modeling, such as high fashion, commercial, or plus-size. Look for agencies whose specialties and successes align with where you see your career going.

Attend Open Calls

Many agencies host open calls, allowing models to meet with scouts and agents without prior appointments. This is a great opportunity to make a first impression and secure representation.

Online Submissions

If you can’t attend an open call, most agencies offer the option to submit your portfolio online. This convenient method allows you to reach out to potential agencies from anywhere, expanding your opportunities for discovery and collaboration.

Develop Your Skills

Continuously improving your modeling skills is essential. This involves your ability to pose or walk and understanding the nuances of the fashion industry.

Modeling Classes

Consider enrolling in modeling classes or workshops. These can provide insights into how to pose, walk the runway, and learn other industry-specific skills.


Workshops often cover a range of subjects, such as how to work with photographers, makeup tips, and maintaining your physical appearance.

Continuous Learning

Stay updated with fashion trends, designer news, and industry standards. Understanding the market can help you adapt and thrive.


Connections drive the fashion industry. Building a strong network can open doors to numerous opportunities and provide significant career advancements.

Attend Industry Events

Make a point to attend key fashion events, such as Fashion Weeks, trade shows, and product launches. These are prime opportunities to meet industry professionals like designers, photographers, and other models.

Engage in Social Gatherings

Fashion shows and after-parties are not just social events; they are networking hubs. Being present and engaging can lead to valuable interactions.

Utilize Social Media

Platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn are powerful tools for making connections. Update your profile with professional achievements and interact with brands and industry figures.

Look out for Scams

Avoid responding to requests on Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok, as well as anyone asking for a deposit over the phone or requiring you send them a check in the mail. All real communication comes from emails. This is a common model scam and red flag.

Maintain Your Physical and Mental Health

Modeling demands a lot from your body and mind. Staying in top shape is crucial for your look and for enduring the rigors of the industry.

Maintaining optimal physical and mental health is essential for a successful modeling career. Here’s a more detailed approach to staying healthy in such a demanding industry:

Regular Exercise

Regular physical activity is crucial for maintaining the stamina and physique required in modeling. The right exercise regimen can help you stay in top shape and manage the physical demands of long shoots and fashion shows.

Establish a consistent workout schedule that fits your lifestyle and keeps you motivated. This could include a mix of gym sessions, yoga, pilates, or outdoor activities like cycling or running.

Consider working with a personal trainer who can tailor a fitness program to your specific needs, helping you achieve the best results without risking injury.

Balanced Diet

A well-balanced diet supports your physical appearance and overall health by providing the energy needed for your demanding schedule.

Consulting a nutritionist can be invaluable in creating a diet plan catering to your body’s needs. This plan should include a balanced intake of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and essential vitamins and minerals.

Keeping well-hydrated is vital for skin health and energy levels. Ensure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially before and after workouts.

Mental Health Support

The pressures of modeling can sometimes lead to stress and anxiety. It’s important to maintain your mental well-being with proper support systems.

Regular sessions with a mental health professional can provide you with strategies to handle stress and cope with the pressures of the industry.

Meditation and mindfulness can help manage stress and enhance overall mental wellness. Apps like Headspace or in-person classes can guide you in meditation.

Regular interaction with friends and family can also provide emotional support and help you stay grounded.

By prioritizing these aspects of your health, you will enhance your professional potential in the modeling industry and improve your quality of life.

Start Your Career With Modeling Agencies in New York

Embarking on a modeling career in New York is an exciting journey filled with opportunities and challenges. You can navigate the competitive fashion world with the best modeling agencies in New York, a strong portfolio with cheap photographs, and a commitment to your craft.

Start your journey in modeling and acting today and become a model here.

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