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Thirdzy: The Revolutionary Sleep Supplement Backed by Science and Trusted by Top Performers

The best natural sleep supplement to elevate physical performance and fitness.

United States, May 8, 2024 — While the supplement industry has earned a dubious reputation for producing marketable but ineffective formulations, Thirdzy redefines the game. This revolutionary sleep supplement was created by a performance-focused doctor and fitness coach.

In 2020, Dr. Justine Luchini, a CrossFit coach, embarked on a quest to find a sleep supplement formulated to elevate the physical performance and fitness of users. Despite their good sleep habits, she was finding room for improvement in her athletes’ sleep quality, even with the aid of popular wearable sleep trackers like Whoop bands.

In her research, Dr. Luchini discovered that nearly all of the sleep supplements available addressed only sleep onset by relying on melatonin, CBD, or sedatives. None truly enhanced sleep quality by supporting the overnight bodily processes essential for maintaining all aspects of health. And the ingredients in these traditional sleep supplements should not be depended on regularly to fall asleep by anyone focused on physical or mental performance.

So, Dr. Luchini set out to find compounds her athletes could use to support natural sleep cycles throughout the entire night and wake up ready to conquer their training sessions. Her year-long research led her to four proven natural ingredients that together enhance sleep quality: collagen, L-theanine, magnesium, and GABA.

Supplementing with these compounds, her athletes improved their sleep quality and markers of health and fitness.

More and more non-athletes are beginning to understand the foundational role of sleep on their health, ability to cope with stress and cognitive functioning. Experts, like Dr. Matt Walker, author of Why We Sleep, and Stanford’s Dr. Andrew Huberman, are leading the important conversations on the sleep-health connection.

In 2022, Dr. Luchini made her high performance sleep formula accessible to everyone through the company she co-founded, Thirdzy. The company’s products are based on her research and users report falling asleep faster, sleeping deeper and waking refreshed, ready for demanding days.

“High performers in all fields are ditching the melatonin haze and embracing truly restorative sleep with Thirdzy, the ultimate performance enhancer,” says Dr. Luchini. “Thirdzy isn’t just a supplement; it’s like a comprehensive sleep routine in one scoop, setting the stage for great sleep and empowering people to maximise their potential around the clock,” she explains.

“Say goodnight to under-sleeping and good morning to peak performance with Thirdzy, the secret weapon of top performers,” says one satisfied user.

As society becomes better informed about the sleep-health connection, Thirdzy fills a crucial gap in the market, fueling healthy sleep processes, without resorting to sedatives that merely knock users out. More information can be found at

About Thirdzy:

Thirdzy includes scientifically-backed natural ingredients that fuel great sleeps to support great performances.

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Dr. Justine Luchini


Sheridan, USA


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