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The Impact of Brand Environment on Consumer Behavior

The Impact of Brand Environment on Consumer BehaviorPhoto from Unsplash

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In today’s world, about 81% of consumers will only buy from a brand they trust.

There are various ways to influence consumer habits, and curating your brand environment is one of them. Understanding consumer trends will help you develop effective marketing strategies, but you need to make your business stand out from others and appeal more to your audience. Brand perception can have a huge impact on customer behavior.

Keep reading for a rundown on brand environments and why they’re important.

What Is a Brand Environment?

A brand environment is a space that you can create to present your brand. It can utilize different creative elements to reflect the mission and values of your brand. Some typical elements include text, images, colors, and technology.

Elements of Effective Brand Environments

Creating an effective branding environment will set your business apart. Various elements can help you build trust and become more recognizable.


Think carefully about the layout of your environment in terms of your brand and what you provide for customers. Ikea, for example, uses an almost maze-like format to guide customers through their stores. This helps showcase all of their products so that customers don’t miss anything.

Apple takes a different approach, instead opting for an open floor plan. This creates a clean appearance that’s full of light and ensures people don’t feel isolated.

Sensory Elements

You can add unique sensory elements that people will begin to associate with your brand. This could be colors or music, for example.

Most brands use specific colors, and these can become very recognizable. Color theory can help you determine the best colors for your brand based on the nature of your business.


Signs and displays are vitals as they’re one of the first things your customers will notice. It’s important to maintain uniform branding as this will help with brand recognition.

Atlas Sign Industries provides end-to-end signage services. This includes designing, installing, and maintaining signs to make sure your brand is always well presented.

Digital Touchpoints

These days, the first interaction people have with most brands is online. Make sure you curate your website, apps, and social media pages so that they’re suitable for your audience.

Customer Experiences

Providing excellent customer service is vital. If customers have a bad retail experience, it could permanently turn them away from your business, so you should always prioritize this.

Impact on Consumer Behavior

You shouldn’t focus solely on your products/services, as your brand environment can have a huge impact on consumer psychology. Sensory marketing, for example, can help drive sales.

Coca-Cola is a great example here. They use promotional videos featuring a now-iconic “pop and fizz” sound that’s instantly recognizable. It evokes feelings of anticipation and refreshment that make people want to buy a Coke.

Apple has also excelled here. Everything that Apple produces including products, stores, and marketing content is clean and minimalistic. This creates a premium feel that highlights the quality of their products.

Improving Your Brand Environment

It’s not always easy, but improving your brand environment can help you grow your business and achieve your goals. Quality signage is a great place to start.

Atlas Sign Industries is a leading national sign company with over 30 years of industry experience. Take a look at our sign and branding elements page to find out more.

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