Liquid Grip Earns Positive Reviews From Bodybuilder And Others

Liquid Grip Canada, based in North Bay, Ontario, is proud to announce that a bodybuilder has provided a positive review for their product that is used as a better alternative to the usual white chalk used by bodybuilders to enhance their grip. This is a water based substance that dries within seconds after being applied to the palms to improve the grip without the messy feeling from white chalk.

Jennifer Lambert, a company spokesperson says, "We are proud to have received such a positive review and we would like to express our gratitude for his kind words. But we're not really surprised because it gives them the sense that their grip will actually be improved as it binds itself to what’s known as the fatty acids on your hands and this enables your grip to be enhanced without causing any of the mess that the normal white chalk provides."

In the review, David Henry, IFBB Pro, says, "I use Liquid Grip to give me the added insurance to blast past my competition and keep winning titles. Using just a small amount of this stuff is incredible! I have the grip strength that matches well with any wrist wrap out there, and the only thing that can force you to let go of the weight is your own will."

David Henry is not alone in praising the advantages offered by Liquid Grip. A pole fitness athlete says, "Liquid grip lasts, has the perfect amount of grip, and gives me the confidence I need before stepping out on stage for a competition or performance. No other brand I’ve tried has delivered on its promises but Liquid Grip has nailed it with their quality. I find other grips to either be too runny, too tacky, or literally watch as they rub off my hands when in contact with the pole..."

A professional softball coach says, "Liquid Grip is empowering! With one application, there is immediate improvement in a softball player’s dexterity, awareness and grip strength. Liquid Grip combats the challenges of sweat and rain and is a must have for every player’s equipment bag."

Jennifer explains that their grip presents a barrier when it comes to bodybuilders trying to lift heavy weight that exceeds the natural friction on their palms, so they need certain things to help them. She says, "One of these things are known as straps and simply involves the user to wrap the strap around the bar so that it is connected to the wrap around their wrist. But sometimes this just is not enough and this is where chalk comes into play. Chalk improves the grip strength even further by creating an increased amount of friction between the palms and the bar, if used along with the straps, the users grip strength will improve dramatically."

Liquid Grip is used as a substitute for chalk. One advantage over chalk is that it does not have to be reapplied up to another 90 minutes. This is suitable for bodybuilders because it minimizes the time they need to spend in the gym. If they spend too much time in the gym, catabolism might set in and they will not be able to achieve their goal of building muscle. Jennifer says, "If they go into the gym and think about when they first applied it, to when they start to feel their grip starting to fade, then they know that it is about time to start wrapping up the session."

The liquid chalk dries in just a few seconds after being applied to the hands and remains there until it is washed off. It won't be removed even when the bodybuilder is sweating. In fact, as they sweat, it becomes even more effective when combined with sweat. Nevertheless, it can easily be washed off with soap and warm water.

Jennifer also points out that the liquid chalk is not just for bodybuilders but for other athletes as well. She says, "Experts in the fields of weightlifting, indoor and outdoor rock climbing, bodybuilding, golf, gymnastics, football, baseball, and many other competitive sports use this fluid gripping solution to improve their performance both while practicing and while competing."

Liquid chalk has also been found to be useful in the crafting community. However, in crafting, it is not used for improving grip. It is used as a marker and it is better than regular chalk because there are no dust, ghosting, or particles left behind.

Those who need more information about Liquid Grip can visit the company website or their Amazon page.


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