Premier Wireless Pioneers Virus Mitigation and Distance Learning Technology

In the age of a national health crisis, Houston-based technology advisor Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions has worked to develop improved technologies that will allow schools to both reopen safely and provide high-quality remote learning for confirmed cases at home. 


Houston, TX, July 10, 2020 — Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions has developed SmartTemp™, allowing for near-instantaneous temperature detection for schools, as well as high-tech distance learning tools for students with confirmed illness. For those students back at school looking to use high-speed internet while staying socially distanced, Premier Wireless has developed ConnectED Campus™, providing high-performance connectivity built to withstand the outdoor elements.

The SmartTemp™ technology developed and distributed by Premier Wireless allows for contactless temperature testing for a number of spaces, including offices, airports, and, of course, schools. This system is highly accurate, detecting with up to 0.5-degree accuracy, and with one (1)-second detection, ensuring detection even in motion. This system can also focus its temperature measurement on specific areas, mitigating the possibility of false alarms. “It’s the simplest and easiest way to protect schools from teachers, students, or really anyone at all who could be carrying a virus.” Lea Bogle, Premier Wireless spokesperson. “And it’s fully automated and really easy to set up, with visitors being told exactly how to proceed after detection.” SmartTemp™ comes in four forms, each distinct device serving a specific purpose. There’s the metal detector, a 100% touch-free terminal, a security-camera looking mounted detector, and a handheld device that allows for temperature checking no matter the area.

For students with confirmed cases who cannot return back to school, Premier Wireless has developed a number of high-tech solutions. “The Smart Hotspot™ offers the same Wi-Fi capabilities your traditional hotspot, but this one is fully functional even without a secondary device.” Lea Bogle again. “Plus, it’s super cost-effective. Still, though, our traditional hotspot is the perfect choice for schools looking to supplement any existing program for at-home internet access.” Later on, she explained how Premier Wireless’s Embedded Chromebook system — laptops with high-speed internet connectivity monitored by the school — allows for schools operating on a less than large budget to provide home-bound students with the distance learning tools that they need.

Rounding out Premier Wireless’s offerings is ConnectED Campus™, a system that brings secure, high-performance connectivity to outdoor locations. ConnectED Campus™ provides a half-mile radius of hotspot coverage beyond the classroom and school building itself. This is the perfect system for social distancing and internet access, as ConnectED Campus™ can extend school Wi-Fi to locations across campus, as well as provide cellular LTE service to mobile home parks, apartment complexes, or public community locations, providing students who may not have the best internet access with the tools they need to thrive in class and online.

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For around 30 years, Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions has provided innovative solutions and white-glove support for education, healthcare, government, hospitality, enterprise, and SMB companies across the United States. Premier Wireless seeks to assist in closing the digital divide, improving communication, embracing new technology, and providing safety for those who may not have access to the newest or best tech.

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