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Reasons Home Care Workers Should Have Auto Insurance

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When trying to find the best car insurance for a home health nurse, there are several factors to consider. The guide below can help one find the right auto insurance for home care workers and get better rates.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • One’s personal auto insurance policy and liability insurance may not cover accidents that may happen while on the job as a home care worker
  • Even if one’s employer has commercial auto insurance, they should update their auto policy to reflect business use
  • It is possible to limit the risk while keeping rates affordable if one chooses their coverage and deductible carefully

It is sometimes necessary to drive for work if one provides home health care or personal care. It may be worthwhile to consider whether their vehicle insurance covers more than what their does currently. Is it possible to find out what type of auto insurance one needs, and how much they will need if they do need more coverage?

It is important to take several things into account when insuring one’s car for work, but once they understand them, they will have no problems. Here one can learn what kind of auto insurance they need and why, along with what influences their rate and what one can do to keep it at the lowest level.

The Importance Of Home Care Workers’ Auto Insurance

It is essential for one to drive for various purposes as a home care worker. The biggest driving requirement for this type of work is getting from one client’s home to another. They might also have to drive their own car from their agency to pick up supplies as a home care worker, in addition to driving between work locations.

A company may supply one with basic safety or hygiene supplies, such as latex gloves, disinfecting wipes, time sheets, and logs, in addition to providing them with basic personal hygiene products.

In summary, most home care workers use their own car for tasks for their clients. This may include going shopping or picking up prescriptions. They may also drive them to doctor’s appointments or senior centers.

They may have to use their own vehicle if their client does not own a car or their insurance restricts who may drive it. This is considered a business use of their car, and they must inform their insurance company.

Risks to consider when choosing auto insurance

As a home care worker, one takes on a number of risks when driving. One of the most important risks is personal injury, which could result in an extended absence. The possibility of injuring or even killing another motorist in an accident is always there, despite how painful it may be to think about it.

Sara Routhier, Director of Outreach at, lists several common risk factors for home care workers:

  • Drivers who are distracted are reckless and dangerous.
  • It is harder to avoid an accident when one is fatigued.
  • Poor visibility makes driving at night or in bad weather more dangerous.
  • Speeding over the posted limit or exceeding the safe speed limit.

In the course of providing home care, home care workers may encounter these risky situations. The more they drive, the more likely they are to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Even if they do everything right, they can’t guarantee that another driver won’t affect them.

They become financially riskier if they have only personal auto insurance. If they do not tell their insurance company that they work while driving, they may refuse or limit payments for accidents that occur. It is crucial that they get insurance as responsibly as they drive in order to minimize the risks.

Home care workers and their insurance coverage

When they change their auto insurance, they need to be sure to speak with their employer first. Their company might require that they have certain amounts of auto coverage on their personal car. In case they don’t have enough insurance, the company can be held liable for any expenses incurred as a result of an accident they cause.

Factors Affecting Commercial Auto Insurance Rates

The factors that influence commercial auto insurance rates are the same as those that affect personal auto rates. One’s driving record and accident history play a significant role.

Besides the type and mileage of their vehicle, insurance companies will consider their driving habits. Because these two factors are often used for work purposes, commercial auto insurance can be more expensive.

If one drives as their primary job activity, their auto insurance rates will naturally be higher. If one chooses a commercial policy, here are the average rates based on their vehicle type.

A comparison of the annual commercial auto insurance costs based on the type of vehicle

The main activity of a home care aide is not driving. Because of that, their auto insurance rates may be lower than that for other commercial autos. They will still have to pay higher rates for personal auto insurance.

Depending on how much coverage they need, they will have to pay more for their insurance. Their employer or state may have specific requirements. If they are underinsured, they risk losing their job and their financial security. Even if that means higher costs, it’s best to have more coverage than less. Choosing one’s deductible will also influence their rates, with a lower deductible resulting in higher rates.

Do Home Care Workers Need Auto Insurance?

Choosing the right amount of coverage is one of the most important choices one will make when purchasing auto insurance. Their state may require higher coverage for business use of their car if they already have personal auto insurance that meets state minimums. If their car is used for both work and personal, higher state limits are uncommon. But one should always be sure rather than make a mistake.

Even though getting the minimum coverage required will allow one to stay legally covered, it might not guarantee full financial protection. Keep in mind that employers may be liable for claims going over their coverage.

One could lose their hard-earned savings or valuable property if an accident leads to a major lawsuit, so getting the best insurance one can afford is always a wise decision.

Auto Insurance for Self-Employed Home Care Workers:

Some home care workers work alone instead of through an agency. In the case of self-employed individuals who use their personal vehicles for work, it is even more essential to get adequate auto coverage.

They won’t have employer’s insurance as a backup, so they could face a costly lawsuit if they cause a serious accident. If one is self-employed, they can talk to an agent about non-owner coverage.

It’s also important to understand how their commercial auto policy deals with situations when they drive a client’s car. This doesn’t happen often, but the client’s auto policy might cover them. 

Regardless of what type of vehicle they drive or how the accident occurs, they need to make sure they are covered by non-owner auto insurance.

Best Car Insurance for a Home Health Nurse:

It is usually more expensive to purchase commercial auto insurance than to purchase personal auto insurance, but there are some things one can do to make it more affordable. Review the factors that affect auto rates and determine if they can reduce their rates.

One could also lower their rates by raising their deductible if they can afford it or by explaining to their insurance company that their main job is not driving. A defensive driving course or advanced safety features on their car may give them a break on their commercial auto insurance rates, just as they do for their personal auto insurance.

People often bundle their homeowners and auto insurance policies this way to reduce their rates. Bundling is another strategy one can borrow from personal insurance shopping. Nevertheless, one should verify with their agent whether they offer the same type of bundling for commercial auto insurance. Also, make sure one compares rates since commercial rates will vary from one company to the next.

It is essential that one has auto insurance for home care workers. Careful planning will help them match the right coverage with affordable rates, and they will be able to master the task of getting that protection.

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