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How Barone Defense Firm Can Help Win Back A Life

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For people charged with a crime in Michigan, it is essential to have an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer at their side. 

At Barone Defense Firm, the criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to helping our clients regain their lives. Our many criminal defense professionals believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty and will do everything in their power to help clients facing a legal crisis to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our Defense Attorneys Go the Extra Mile

For Michiganders, being charged with a crime in the Great Lakes State can be highly stressful and very challenging to couples as well as to single individuals. Since driving privileges may be negatively impacted in motor vehicle crime cases, not being able to drive is sometimes synonymous with not working.

At Barone Defense Firm (BDF), the firm’s approach is to look under every rock and behind every bush for a viable defense to use on our clients’ behalf. Only with such an exhaustive and thorough approach will our client be satisfied with their legal team’s approach.

The attorneys at  BDF will work tirelessly to find flaws in the police procedures utilized in order to build a strong defense on each client’s behalf. By ensuring that the client’s full legal rights are protected, such diligence often convinces prosecutors to offer a reduction of charges. Many clients are relieved to finalize their case with the most serious charge or charges being dropped to a lesser criminal offense.

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They Have a Successful Track Record

Their team has a successful track record of helping their clients regain their lives. This applies in both federal cases and state court criminal matters. They have helped many people who have been wrongly accused of crimes, and they are confident they can help.

The Consequences of a Criminal Conviction in Michigan

People accused of a crime in Michigan know the consequences of a conviction can be severe. Those convicted can face mandatory jail time, hefty fines, be assigned to perform hundreds of community service hours, and then a criminal record that might follow them for the rest of their lives. 

So, having an experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer is essential. Those who are indigent need to have a public defender since our Constitution guarantees it under the 6th Amendment. Only a trained criminal law attorney can help fight the charges and protect the rights of the criminally accused. 

Barone Defense Firm has helped many thousands of clients in Michigan. Our job is to “win back their lives” after the citizen has been accused of a felony or misdemeanor crime. Only members of the Michigan Bar who specialize in criminal defense know and understand how the Michigan criminal justice system works and know how to get optimal results in court. 

Final Thoughts of Retaining Legal Counsel

Abraham Lincoln was a criminal defense attorney before getting into politics. His famous quote was that a person who represents himself has a fool for a lawyer. The Barone Defense Firm has helped countless clients win back their lives after being accused of a crime in Michigan.  Why not ask for your FREE lawyer consultation, and get a new perspective about how your criminal case can be fought. 

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