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Sealrite Solutions Explains leaking shower as the hidden damage to a property that can be very expensive.

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Sealrite Solutions Explains leaking shower as the hidden damage to a property that can be very expensive."Sealrite service waterproofing and shower sealing need with integrity and quality. Don't let the leaking shower problem become bigger and more expensive!"

NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 24, 2023 - Untreated shower leaks are annoying and expensive to repair. Sometimes, it can be repaired quickly without professional help. However, homeowners should know how to identify problems beyond their plumbing skills. Implementing a temporary solution to fix leaking shower before the professional repair can save them from the severe consequences of a leaky shower.

So, if they:

  • Think there's a leak in the shower;
  • Don't know how to identify where it's coming from;
  • Want to avoid severe damage to their property.

Some Signs of a Leaking Shower:

Certain visible clues can help homeowners identify if their shower is leaking. Below are the following clues:

Detached tiles. Because the grout and adhesives that hold the tiles are constantly exposed to water, they might loosen up over time. This can cause the tiles to fall off.

Mold and mildew. When the environment is wet and warm, there is a high chance of mold appearing in the bathroom. That usually happens because the water droplets from a leaking shower don't dry and stay in the corners of the bathroom, creating perfect conditions for mold growth. The most common places for fungus growth are between tiles, grout, and caulked joints.

Visible stains on the walls and floor. Depending on the location of the shower, blemishes on the walls and flooring might be spotted. When leakage isn't that severe, water residue and rust are the most common types of stains that might be encountered. However, if the problem is much more severe, stains forming on the level of the home below the bathroom will be visible.

Moldy smell. Unfortunately, the mold is often hard to spot, but it can be recognized by its earthy smell. That is not a good sign, though; it means the leak is hidden and might require a lot of restoration.

Leaking shower repairs need to be dealt with by an experienced and licensed waterproofing specialist.

Leaking showers usually cause severe structural building defects, rotting, and decay. The costs of fixing the collateral damage caused by a non-proactive approach far outweigh the costs of having leaking shower repairs sydney come and fix the issue correctly the first time.


SealRITE offers leaking shower repairs. They have established their reputation for both practical and affordable shower sealing services. They all know that doing a job properly can have some associated costs. Anything worth doing is worth doing correctly and not paying extra to redo.

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